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Process data fast, so sundays can be slow

SAP makes your world simple

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What happens when you combine brains and data?

The DataGenius Challenge is back. It’s your opportunity to make the world – or your corner of it – a better place by solving a complex problem using analytics from SAP. Rewards for the top 3 entries. 

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Explore the SAP Store

Discover, evaluate, and buy analytics, SAP HANA, and cloud offerings quickly and from any device.

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The ratings are in on digital commerce platforms

See how SAP hybris measures up in new Gartner research that summarises feedback from a broad range of clients and assesses product capabilities of vendors in the industry.

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The beautiful game now takes place in the cloud

SAP and City Football Group have announced a global, multiyear partnership that will transform the way the ownership group and its football teams operate and perform.


The 3 top benefits of cloud maturity

This major survey confirms that cloud-centric companies gain better business outcomes by simplifying innovation, giving business units more direct control, and improving internal processes. Here’s how.

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30-day trial: your data is your future

Test-drive a fully functional copy of SAP Predictive Analytics and see how simple it is to anticipate customer needs, detect and prevent risks, create models in minutes, and make faster, better decisions.

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SAP TechEd 2015: simple IT at its best

Want even more out of your SAP technology? Get hands-on training and advice from SAP experts and developers. Discuss strategies and tools for reducing complexity. Join us November 10-12 in Barcelona.

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The Big Data Iceberg

If there’s one area of analytics that people get really passionate about, it’s visualization.

Where Are The Use Cases For IoT In Your Operations?

The use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) are very broad-ranging, and will vary industry by industry and company by company.

In the Digital Economy, Reinvention is the Word

With 2 billion people walking around with mobile devices, the digital economy is quickly becoming a fact of life for all of us. 

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