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Predictive Analytics Software

Expose untapped opportunities and hidden risks buried in Big Data – with predictive analytics from SAP

Predict and influence business outcomes – and respond to change before it happens – with predictive analytics from SAP. Combine capabilities such as predictive modeling, Big Data mining, real-time business intelligence (BI), data visualization, and more, to see what trends are emerging and where performance is headed. Our easy-to-use solutions can help you predict future customer needs, detect and prevent threats, and guide frontline decisions with forward-looking insights.

30-day trial: Your data is your future

Test-drive a fully functional copy of SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics and see how simple it is to anticipate customer needs, detect and prevent risks, create models in minutes, and make faster, better decisions.

Solution Capabilities

Included Capabilities

Predictive Modeling

Plan for the unexpected with automated predictive modeling

Create a predictive modeling environment for both business analysts and data scientists. Give them the automated tools they need to build sophisticated predictive models for every data mining function imaginable – in days, not weeks or months. With SAP, data scientists can build models using “R” algorithms and predictive algorithms native in our in-memory platform.

Predictive Scoring

Improve the quality of your business models with embedded predictive results

Select the most important variables when explaining a given business question – using predictive scoring. Graphically display each variable’s contribution to a business model, simulate models for a single input data set, and predict the score for concerns in real time. By generating code for a variety of target databases, applications, and business processes, you can embed accurate predictive results into your analyses.

Predictive Model Management

Enhance workforce productivity with predictive model management

Empower business users to ask more “what if” questions and get immediate answers with hundreds – or even thousands – of predictive models at their fingertips. Support the ability to schedule model refresh, address a real-time need for scoring, and manage business models across the entire enterprise.

Predictive Network and Link Analysis

Experience the power of social influence and advanced personalization

Explore the links between your customers and network of strong social influencers – with real-time analytics for predictive network and link analysis. Create a graph for every possible type of product or entity association, and use the data to achieve advanced personalization that helps keep customers loyal.

Predictive Data Management

Create analytical data sets automatically – with clicks, not code

Automate data preparation – no coding required – with our tools for predictive data management. Define a broad set of reusable business components to automatically create the analytical data sets you need for business modeling. With this approach, you can analyze data faster and achieve results with far less human error than traditional, handcrafted techniques. You can even empower business users with predictive modeling self-services, while guaranteeing accurate results.


Expertly adopt and maintain SAP software

Get the support you need to implement and operate your predictive analytics solutions with maximum efficiency – and take advantage of new technologies. Explore our support services, from implementation to strategy and co-innovation, to see which meets your needs.

Have questions? We’ve got answers

Visit our user-friendly help portal to gain instant access to the latest SAP product documentation and receive a wealth of information about your predictive analytics software – from installation and upgrades to security, integration, and product availability.


Let our experts help you unleash the full power of predictive analytics

With predictive analytics, the possibilities are endless: predict buying behavior, manage financial risks, fight crime, avoid equipment downtime, and much more. Leverage more than 1,000 global experts in business strategy, analytics, technology, and data science to help you establish forward-looking, data driven decision making throughout your organization.


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SAP a leader in predictive analytics

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