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Research Planning and Execution Solutions

Drive superior research through organized proposal management

Gain the administrative and financial tools you need to capture and mange funding for internal as well as sponsored external research with research planning and execution solutions from SAP. Develop funding proposals and get a clear view into the complete proposal process, from preparation to submission, to help ensure alignment with your organization’s mission. Track key research personnel and certify that their research efforts comply with your sponsor’s administrative requirements.

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Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of SAP software for research planning and execution:

Innovation Management

Collect, share, and manage innovation ideas to assess economic feasibility

Manage your organization’s entire innovation pipeline, from ideation to development and execution to published results and outcomes, with innovation management software from SAP. You can:

  • Foster employee engagement by linking ideation with collaboration
  • Provide a collaborative creativity space to expand on ideas
  • Match the right ideas and with the right experts
  • Run centralized local and global idea campaigns
  • Collect, browse, share, rank, and vote on ideas anytime, anywhere
Opportunities and Proposal Development

Capture research-funding support with tools for proposal development

Create and manage proposals for internal and sponsored external research with software for opportunities and proposal development from SAP. Offering integrated, Web-based tools, our software can help you:

  • Develop proposals using budget templates, employee assignment data, overhead calculations, and other standardized tools
  • Improve visibility into the proposal process to ensure alignment of proposals with your organization’s mission
  • Document research work and track the review process
Project Management

Align projects with business objectives to deliver outcomes that meet expectations

Improve project outcomes by integrating a variety of simultaneous activities during implementation with project management software from SAP. Our software enables you to:

  • Gain insight into a project's cost, time, scope, and quality performance through integration with ERP software
  • Manage human resources and financial performance as well as each project phase, from initiation to closure
  • Minimize project delays and prevent business interruptions
Resource Management

Identify required project resources and possible bottlenecks before implementation

Drive implementation success with SAP software for project management. Our software enables you to identify each team member's competencies, assign members to roles requiring specialized skills, and outline schedules accommodating each team member's availability – so you can:

  • Develop projects schedules that detail the resources you will need
  • Create project forecasts that identify potential bottlenecks
  • Prevent costly resource shortages, unexpected requests, and last-minute changes
Sponsored Projects and Compliance - Effort Certification & Reporting

Certify sponsored-project personnel compliance and payroll transactions

Complete certification of personnel and payroll transactions for sponsored research projects faster with software for effort certification and reporting from SAP. Our software helps you:

  • Identify and track key research personnel working on sponsored projects
  • Document that researcher efforts comply with the sponsor’s administrative requirements
  • Make compiled payroll records available to researchers and key personnel, and route them for review and approval through workflows

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