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Mobile Apps

Transform your business processes with industry-specific mobile apps for your workforce, customers, and partners

Liberate your enterprise data, accelerate key business processes, and speed decision making with leading-edge mobile apps from SAP. Enhance customer engagement for maximized revenue and sky-high productivity – thanks to the latest in mobile technology.

Mobile keeps the water running

See why 84% of utilities executives say that mobile improves their ability to achieve high productivity and capacity, and 71% say it helps them deliver advice on consumption.

Solution Capabilities

Included Capabilities

Expense Management (On Premise)

Connect travel expense management with accounts payable and cash management

Let your business travelers upload, access, and manage travel receipts and credit card data with SAP software for expense management. Simplify reimbursement report and integration into accounts payable and cash management processes. Enforce compliance with localized tax mandates, legal accounting requirements, and internal travel policies. Streamline travel administration processes by granting travelers and managers access to mobile devices.

Payments and Bank Communications

Speedy decision making with reduced fees and borrowing costs

SAP software streamlines, controls, and gives transparency into your communications with your banks. Automated payment workflows streamline routing and approvals and help ensure compliance. Automated bank-to-book reconciliation provides up-to-date intraday cash balances. With central control, you can decrease dependency on banks and the need to transfer cash. By consolidating banking relationships and connections, you can reduce fees, borrowing costs, and unnecessary loan requests.

Learning (On Premise)

Enable mobile maintenance processes to improve technician productivity, asset uptime, and safety

Receive and manage work orders, perform inspections and rounds, manage maintenance requests, capture measurement readings, perform metering operations, and track inventory – all via a mobile device – with mobile solutions from SAP. Work hands-free with smart glasses, and use gesture controls while following repair instructions. Boost productivity, reduce maintenance costs and downtime, provide real-time visibility into operations, and increase safety, compliance, and asset longevity.

Absence Management (On Premise)

Reduced operational and energy costs and improved facility management with streamlined, automated processes

SAP software helps you plan and monitor budgets, collaborate electronically with suppliers, automate invoice processing, create and track maintenance and repair orders, and recover common area maintenance expenses. With effective processes, you can avoid budget overruns, automate paper-based processes, and accurately track energy consumption across various facilities. You can reduce processing costs, increase service-level agreement fulfillment, and fully allocate operational costs.

Time Capturing (On Premise)

High-quality operations that reduce costs and increase efficiency

With SAP software, you can improve your entire quality inspection process. Real-time access to integrated quality-related data from across your supply chain supports proactive responses to new quality requirements. This improves product consistency; speeds inspections and issue processing; and reduces defects, scrap, and rework. You can standardize processes – whether in the lab or on the shop floor – reducing operational costs while you continue to meet changing customer expectations.

Recruiting (On Premise)

Improve retail store visits by gaining mobile access to timely data

Enhance sales reps’ productivity during store visits, provide merchandisers and promotion planners with crucial insights, and maximize the value of customer relationship management systems – all thanks to accurate, real-time sales data from SAP software for mobile retail execution. Boost the effectiveness of your retail channels by executing relevant store visits and granting immediate access to customer information.

Workforce Analytics (On Premise)

Gain clear insight into customer sentiment and interests to deliver a best-in-class, one-to-one customer experience

Understand the voice of the customer and turn volumes of social media and enterprise data into meaningful insights with marketing software from SAP. Improve brand loyalty by analyzing customer sentiment and social media signals over time. Build customer profiles using both structured and unstructured data across all interaction channels – including public, private, and paid. Engage your customer in the right context by understanding each journey, sentiment, interest, and activity.

Employee Self-Service (On Premise)

Gain mobile access to sales data – and make every moment count

Increase sales productivity by providing anytime/anywhere access to critical data with mobile sales software from SAP. Use mobile devices to create, update, and access sales information – including account, contact, lead, opportunity, activity, quote, and order management data. Sell more efficiently. Conduct more effective customer meetings. Shorten sales cycles. And build stronger customer relationships.

Manager Self-Service (On Premise)

Meet service-level agreements through efficient service order management

Improve service order management and speed billing with integrated financials – with CRM-based field service software from SAP. Enable compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs) by managing orders of varying complexityover their entire lifecycle. Use advanced workforce scheduling to make service assignments that optimize field technician use, reducing service costs. Prioritize service orders by SLAs and other criteria to improve dispatching.

Incident Management

Capture the consumer transaction any time with a mobile wallet and payments

Make it simpler and faster for your customers to store and use their preferred payment methods – with a mobile consumer payments solution from SAP. Help consumers quickly and easily purchase goods, top off credit balances, make person-to-person transfers, pay bills, and more. Provide mobile-savvy customers with a complete experience that facilitates secure payments.

Mobile Asset Management

Deepen engagement, drive transactions, and boost customer loyalty

Capture consumer mindshare and combat showrooming with a powerful mobile shopping app from SAP. Make shopping more fun and rewarding for customers - before, during, and after shopping trips - with a personalized, engaging mobile shopping app. Help consumers collaborate on shopping lists, get personalized offers, scan items for product details, and breeze through the line as they check out and pay on their mobile devices.

Maintenance and Repair

Deepen engagement, drive transactions, and boost customer loyalty

Capture consumer mindshare and combat showrooming with a powerful mobile shopping app from SAP. Make shopping more fun and rewarding for customers – before, during, and after shopping trips – with a personalized, engaging mobile shopping app. Help consumers collaborate on shopping lists, get personalized offers, scan items for product details, and breeze through the line as they check out and pay on their mobile devices.

Quality Operations

Let your full-time and contingent employees learn on their terms – in the classroom, online, or on a mobile device

Provide scalable, secure, and adaptable corporate learning in a  variety of ways with on-premise learning solutions from SAP. Employees, managers, and trainers can obtain full visibility of development needs, learning opportunities, and other relevant information through role-based access. By creating an extended learning community, you can secure access to learning tools and material and support authentication, communication, promotion, selling, and learning consumption.  

Retail Execution (On Premise)

Optimize absence management for compliance  requirements and payroll processes

Define and manage working calendars and vacation allowances for global and localized processes for more than 50 countries in one platform – with SAP software for absence management. Allow your employees to enter absences, attendance, and breaks on multiple
interfaces, including mobile, while managers approve attendances and absences. Keep workforce data handy by providing decision makers with time management analytics.

Social Listening and Sentiment Analysis

Help ensure time assignments for workforce-payment and external-billing requirements

With SAP software you can define and manage time elements for payroll schedules using multiple interfaces: employee self-services, manager self-services, and mobile access. Employees can use self-services to enter time worked and assign time to cost objects in SAP and third-party software. Managers can process overtime and cost assignments. Decision
makers can use time management analytics to get targeted workforce information.

Sales Cloud

Standardizing and automating recruiting and talent acquisition, from managing requisitions to hiring

Streamline global recruiting and talent management using SAP software. It provides insights on candidates in real time for reduced time to hire and quick feedback. You gain a full view of external and internal talent and recruiting processes. Our software includes intelligent screening, filtering, sorting, and ranking. Manager self-services handle requisition requests, feedback, ranking, and selection. Managers can gain insights in real time on staffing with
insights-to-action reports.

Field Service (CRM)

Replace gut feelings with fact-based decisions by gaining insight into workforce dynamics, composition, and risk

Uncover insights hidden in multiple streams of HR and business data. By transforming integrated workforce data into compelling visualizations and standardized metrics, you can get the information needed to check and improve the overall health of the organization. Decision makers can better understand workforce trends by tracking key performance indicators to identify root causes and act on trusted data. With a broad, extensible library of delivered metrics, you can set the foundation for consistency and standardization required to accelerate the adoption of analytics.

Mobile Payments

Engage employees in self-service by allowing them to control their own data

Improve your employees’ productivity by automating processes and reducing administrative costs, cycle time, and error rates – with help from employee self-services in SAP software. Realize a quicker return on investment by giving employees more control over their own data. Inspire employees to take more responsibility for their career development – and free up HR to focus on more strategic tasks.

Mobile Shopping

Manage employees through an intuitive self-service system with personalized, role-based tools

Boost your HR staff’s productivity with help from manager self-services in SAP software. Make decisions and execute operational management strategies more easily with a role-based user interface. Reduce cycle time and transaction costs with automated processes and workflow requests. Gather data from all sources and use this integrated data to improve decision making regarding corporate strategies and resource management.


Navigating the New Mobile World

Understand the true potential of the mobile opportunity. Learn how to develop an executive action plan for adopting mobility to achieve maximum benefits from your mobile strategy and evolve into a fully mobile empowered business.

Enterprise Mobility for Dummies

As you plan your mobile strategy, learn how easy it can be to mobilize and transform your enterprise - changing how business is done. From application development and deployment to management and security, any company can do it.


Take the Fast Lane with Rapid Deployment

Our integrated, quick-to-deploy solutions can get you up and running to transform business processes with industry-specific mobile apps for the workforce, customers, and partners.

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Make sure your SAP solutions meet your business needs simply and seamlessly – with help from SAP Service and Support. Our 30,000+ consultants have unparalleled product knowledge, technology expertise, and experience across 25 distinct industries.

We’ve recently refined the way we engage with customers, to make it even easier for you to drive transformation and simplify your business. Whether you want to speed up implementation, move to the cloud, customize your solution, optimize IT, or do something completely different – the SAP Service and Support team is here to make it happen.


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Get the support you need to efficiently implement and operate your SAP solutions – and take advantage of new technologies. We offer a range of support services, from foundation level to strategic engagement and co-innovation.

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Get a wealth of information – about everything from installation and upgrades to security, integration, and product availability.


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Build loyalty and fill baskets with mobile

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