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Application Lifecycle Management Solutions

Manage solutions holistically for faster implementation, better performance, and reliable operation

Oversee your solutions, end to end, with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software from SAP. Monitor overall solution operations while controlling application-specific operations such as job scheduling and data volume management. Identify and fix performance bottlenecks; document, implement, and test new solutions; and control solution deployments. By taking a holistic approach to ALM, you can maintain continuity, accelerate innovation, reduce risk, and lower operational costs.

Solution Capabilities

Included Capabilities

Solution Implementation and Documentation

Design and implement solutions that align with business needs

Identify, adapt, and implement new and enhanced future-proof business and technical scenarios with solution implementation and documentation software from SAP. Our software offers the tools and content you need to understand business requirements, design the technical aspects of the solutions, and configure the underlying systems. By closely aligning the IT infrastructure with business requirements, the software enables IT organizations to build innovation right into their system landscapes.

Test Management

Maintain business continuity through comprehensive testing

Accurately define integration testing requirements and test scopes for solutions with change-impact analysis provided by test management software from SAP. Our software enables you to develop automatic and manual test cases, manage the testers, and report on test progress and test results. With well-planned, comprehensive testing, IT organizations can build the technically and functionally robust solutions necessary to maintain business continuity.

Technical Operations

Reduce costs of technical operations using comprehensive, centralized tools

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) in your IT support organization with software from SAP. Use predefined content and centralized tools for handling all aspects of technical operations management, including monitoring, alerting, analysis, and administration. See how our software offers comprehensive, ready-to-use reporting functionality and supports user-defined reporting for managing technical operations.

Business Process Operations

Optimize application-related operations that impact your business processes

Help ensure the smooth and reliable flow of the core processes supporting your company’s business requirements with SAP software. Take advantage of innovative functionality for managing data volume, job scheduling, and data consistency, along with monitoring business process interfaces. See how our software provides your IT organization with capabilities to support the broad range of application-related operations on which your business processes depend.

Landscape Transformation

Align IT with the business by transforming the IT landscape

Streamline your business and keep your systems up to date with IT landscape transformation software, support, and training from SAP. Simplify your IT environment, standardize processes, harmonize data, and consolidate systems. Adapt quickly to changing business requirements and innovative technology. Predetermine scope and technical feasibility. Evaluate and prepare projects using best practices and detailed road maps. Stay on budget and on schedule with minimal risk and disruption.


Quickly adopt and maintain SAP solutions

Get the support you need to efficiently implement and operate your SAP solutions – and take advantage of new technologies. We offer a range of support services, from foundation level to strategic engagement and co-innovation.

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Get a wealth of information – about everything from installation and upgrades to security, integration, and product availability.

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Run Simple with SAP Service and Support

Make sure your SAP solutions meet your business needs simply and seamlessly – with help from SAP Service and Support. Our 30,000+ consultants have unparalleled product knowledge, technology expertise, and experience across 25 distinct industries.

We’ve recently refined the way we engage with customers, to make it even easier for you to drive transformation and simplify your business. Whether you want to speed up implementation, move to the cloud, customize your solution, optimize IT, or do something completely different – the SAP Service and Support team is here to make it happen.


Develop an innovation road map specific to your business objectives

Use best practices, technology, and accelerators to adopt the right solution approach

Choose a premium engagement to tackle highly complex and risky scenarios


Securing all entry and exit points

Understand the changing dynamics of mobile technology and how to meet the needs of a mobile workforce. Find out how organizations can gain the freedom to offer device choice and still meet mobile security requirements. Get insight into, and control of, potential mobile security risks.

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Increasing the value of support

SAP Solution Manager maximizes the value of your support engagement with SAP. You’ll be able to streamline internal processes, minimize manual effort, reduce operational costs, and introduce new business functionality with greater ease.

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