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Treasury and Financial Risk Management Solutions

Gain greater insight and control over complex processes for managing cash, liquidity, and risk

Manage cash, payments, liquidity, risk, and compliance while integrating financial reporting with SAP software. By simplifying working capital, risk management, and compliance, treasury managers can gain complete transparency into and control over interrelated activities and automate critical processes. Control over these complex demands helps treasury departments ensure adequate liquidity to drive growth and innovation while preventing exposure to growing financial risks.

See how you can simplify and automate daily cash operations

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Solution Capabilities

Included Capabilities

Payments and Bank Communications

Speedy decision making with reduced fees and borrowing costs

SAP software streamlines, controls, and gives transparency into your communications with your banks. Automated payment workflows streamline routing and approvals and help ensure compliance. Automated bank-to-book reconciliation provides up-to-date intraday cash balances. With central control, you can decrease dependency on banks and the need to transfer cash. By consolidating banking relationships and connections, you can reduce fees, borrowing costs, and unnecessary loan requests.

Cash and Liquidity Management

Real-time insight into global cash management

SAP software lets you forecast and manage liquidity by accessing and using data from multiple systems. With centralized cash management and comprehensive forecasting, you gain greater transparency into global cash flow. And central in-house cash control reduces dependency on external funding and improves processes for transferring cash to operations worldwide. By automating cash and liquidity management processes, you can reduce demand for cash as well as banking and borrowing costs.

Debt and Investment Management

Strategies that lead to the best borrowing rates and lower investment costs

With SAP software, you can employ debt and investment strategies that optimize capital structure by balancing trade-offs for debt against equity, risk, and returns. This lets you obtain competitive rates on short-term debt financing. You can also generate finance compliance reporting through automated transaction posting and position reporting. By gaining timely insight into available cash, investment returns can be maximized. And that translates into higher profits and faster growth.

Financial Risk Management

Assets and cash flows protected from financial risks

SAP software lets you accurately assess financial risks and manage the market based on those risks. You can model the severity of risks under a variety of scenarios to gain real-time insight into a variety of risk positions. As a result, you can develop effective hedge strategies in accordance with both U.S.-GAAP and IFRS accounting standards. And that translates into decreased less exposure to solvency issues and noncompliance with reporting mandates.

Commodity Risk Management

Identified, qualified, and mitigated risks associated with commodity price volatility

Commodity risk management software from SAP enables you to identify, quantify, and mitigate exposure to commodity price and foreign-exchange risk. Robust analytics provide views into risk positions, calculations of mark to market, and value at risk – helping you navigate commodity procurement and sales processes. By creating and updating commodity risk positions in real time, the software monitors and reduces price risks resulting from core business operations with appropriate hedging.


Take the fast lane with rapid deployment

Gain greater insight and control over complex processes for managing cash, liquidity, and risk with best practice solutions and simplified solution deployment.


Quickly adopt and maintain SAP solutions

Get the support you need to efficiently implement and operate your SAP solutions – and take advantage of new technologies. We offer a range of support services, from foundation level to strategic engagement and co-innovation.

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Get a wealth of information – about everything from installation and upgrades to security, integration, and product availability.

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Proactively manage risk and liquidity

Treasury departments today need to proactively manage risk and liquidity, but many challenges exist. Teams experience lack of visibility into cash and liquidity positions as well as risk exposure. New regulatory and compliance requirements increase complexity while lack of straight-through processing lead to error-prone manual intervention.

Make sure your SAP solutions meet your business needs simply and seamlessly – with help from SAP Service and Support. Our 30,000+ consultants have unparalleled product knowledge, technology expertise, and experience across 25 distinct industries.

We’ve recently refined the way we engage with customers, to make it even easier for you to drive transformation and simplify your business. Whether you want to speed up implementation, move to the cloud, customize your solution, optimize IT, or do something completely different – the SAP Service and Support team is here to make it happen.


Lower treasury costs by 58%*

Lower cost of capital by 28%*

Increase financial forecasting by 8%*

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