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Subscription Billing and Revenue Management Solutions

Create profitable digital services with flexible pricing and watertight revenue management

The SAP Hybris Billing software helps you innovate your business models so that you can deliver a better customer experience. Monetize subscription and usage-based services in real-time. Share revenues with partners of your business network. Streamline your high-volume revenue management processes.

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Solution Capabilities

Included Capabilities

Subscription Management and Pricing Agility

In today’s digital economy, you need to be able to quickly design and launch agile, customer-centric business models that will delight your customers and set you apart from the competition. And, as you work with your expanding business network of partners to broaden your offers and deliver new digital products and services, you need to include them in your business model and share revenue with them.

  • Quickly design subscription pricing, usage-based pricing and partner revenue-sharing models, from the simple to the complex, with superior flexibility.
  • Rate and charge usage events in real-time or batch with massive dynamic scalability and high availability.
  • Forecast the effect of new pricing models on margins based on past trends.
  • Create and launch targeted offers combining products and services, and manage subscription sales processes across the entire order-to-cash process to increase revenue and retain customers.
Learn more about subscription management and pricing agility capabilities for SAP Hybris Billing solutions:
  1. SAP Hybris Billing, charging helps you bring innovative pricing offers to market faster than the competition with an intuitive user interface that requires zero coding. 
  2. SAP Hybris Billing, pricing simulation helps you make the most of revenue opportunities and by using historical customer data, you can process and analyze information quickly, design and test new pricing strategies plus optimize pricing packages. 
  3. SAP Hybris Billing, subscription order management helps you acquire new customers and boost your average revenue per customer with targeted subscription offers. 
Billing and Revenue Management

Growing from small trials to multi-billion-dollar businesses requires a platform that provides reliable automation for the complete order to cash process. 

  • Provide your customers with informative summaries and details on a single bill across
    multiple lines of business.
  • Streamline your revenue management processes and get a 360° view of customer records to accelerate cash and collections processes and improve customer service.
  • Bill for packaged solution offerings with consolidated invoicing.
Learn more about our billing and revenue management capabilities for SAP Hybris Billing solutions:
  1. SAP Hybris Billing, invoicing helps you provide your customers with information summaries and details on a single, consolidated invoice.
  2. SAP Hybris Billing, customer financials helps you streamline receivables and payables processes, segment customers to create differentiated financial services, and equip agents to quickly resolve outstanding payments and disputes.
  3. SAP Hybris Billing, flexible solution billing helps you bill for package solution offerings with consolidated invoicing. Enhance cash flow and customer satisfaction with simpler billing processes.
Usage Mediation and Service Control

Effective revenue management requires a seamless flow of data between the serving network and downstream systems for billing, fraud management, partner reconciliation and more. Data must be managed carefully so records are not lost, duplicated, corrupted or rejected by the receiving systems.

  • Simplify usage data consolidation across systems in real-time
  • Provide real-time service control for a better subscriber experience
Learn more about our usage mediation and service control solution capabilities for SAP Hybris Billing solutions:
  1. SAP Hybris Billing, mediation by DigitalRoute helps you simplify usage data consolidation across systems in real-time. 
  2. SAP Hybris Billing, service control by DigitalRoute helps you provide real-time service control for a better subscriber experience.

Monetizing Digital Transformation

Blending the physical and digital worlds to generate new revenue streams.

Omni-Channel Engagement

Learn how to weave all touch points together with your existing channels to deliver the perfect customer experience.


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SAP Hybris Billing wiki

We have started SAP Hybris Billing wiki web page to improve customer experience. You will find the SAP Hybris wiki page a wealth of detailed product information including your dedicated SAP Hybris Billing customer space as the central source of information.

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