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Internet of Things

Connect, Transform, Reimagine

SAP solutions for the Internet of Things provide everything you need to generate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people and devices. Connect your business with the new generation of Internet-enabled devices in the cloud, transform your existing business processes and reimagine your business and customer experience.

SAP Unveils SAP HANA Cloud Platform for the IoT

IOT changes everything

See how technology is now making it possible to connect billions of things to one another to continuously provide more intuitive insights – and help companies revolutionize their business processes.


More than 50 B things connected by 2020

Learn how SAP is making IoT real

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IoT for business

The Internet of Things is changing our personal lives. See how it will transform the enterprise world.

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Managing the Internet of Things revolution

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects people, machines, and things to enable bidirectional flow of information and enable real-time decisions. Companies need a strategy spanning product design, production, supply chain, field operations and marketing. Learn how to get started.

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How can IoT impact your business?

Technology is connecting the world in more ways than we ever imagined. Check out this infographic to learn why it makes sense to invest in IoT now.

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SAP Brings You the Internet of Things for Business

This paper shares insights into IoT trends, opportunities, and technologies, and discusses how SAP solutions provide what’s needed to generate intelligence from connected things, people, and devices to optimize processes and operations.

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Explore the hottest Internet of Things topics


Preventing Diabetes with Connected Care

A new integrated preventative care package, including a blood glucose monitor, fitness tracker, and app, holds new promise in the fight against diabetes.


Unlock the power of your SAP solution

Simplicity is the key to innovation. And innovation is the key to competitive advantage. SAP Services helps unlock your power and provide a simple path to innovation acceleration and the cloud. 

Our 15,000+ trained and certified consultants are focused on delivering true end-to-end solutions that yield the business outcomes you need to stay competitive. 

And with over 40 years of experience with hundreds of thousands of customers, SAP Services knows how to help your business unlock the power of SAP and Run Simple. SAP Services can help your business:


Support your innovation agenda so you can focus on strategic opportunities

Provide greater accountability to deliver end-to-end engagements with reduced complexity

Expose new product innovation and a path to the cloud with unmatched speed and expertise

Enhance your existing SAP investment with best-in-class knowledge transfer and support


openSAP: How the IoT and Smart Services Will Change Society

In this openSAP course, listen to expert views on the Internet of Things and how they will forever change society and transform businesses. The course is free and open for everyone.

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