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Anticipate and exceed customer expectations

Simplify your vertical fashion business and prepare for growth with retail fashion solutions from SAP. Our integrated software can help you shorten the time from concept to customer; boost collaboration across the supply chain; and offer end-to-end visibility, flexibility, and speed. Efficient and automated processes can help you achieve your goals with fewer resources and expenses – so you can focus on understanding customers’ needs and providing an exceptional customer experience.

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Procure and manufacture in style

Discover how SAP for fashion companies can help you shrink costs and seamlessly source, procure, and manufacture products based on demand from multiple sales channels – including wholesale, retail, and e-commerce.

Can you compete?

Retailers cite 38%* lower transportation spend when transportation planning is timely and considers constraints in the supply chain network. How does your company compare?


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The CEO perspective: Omnicustomer retailing

Let's face it. The omnichannel experience is at the core of every retail strategy, and omnicommerce is becoming more and more mainstream. However, it's not enough for retailers to change their business models as customer expectations are demanding more than what omnicommerce can provide.

SAP’s Pat Bakey on the latest and greatest innovations for retail

In this short video, Pat Bakey, GM of SAP Retail, explores the challenges retailers are facing today. Discover how top retail companies are leveraging Big Data and the power of the SAP Cloud to deliver compelling, personalized shopping experiences


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Fashion Retailers! Will You Lead the Future?

Consumers have traditionally been subject to ever-changing trends in fashion. Retailers originally had the power to set the precedent for what consumers would be purchasing for weeks, months, and even years

Life is good Turns Simplicity into Generosity

Whether we like it or not, we have to share our lives with brands. Just look around any room in your home and you’ll see hundreds of them.

The Biggest Retail Changes in 100 Years – Are You Ready?

Pat Bakey and Thomas Vetter share their points of view about challenges and opportunities in the Retail industry.


A path to real-time customer data

Retail is the combination of every facet of every customer’s journey.  Knowing what your customers want – before they do – is key, especially of today’s shopper, who is more knowledgeable than ever and armed with product research. You need the right expertise to develop your strategy, drive business value, stay ahead of the competition, and ultimately craft a great customer experience. 

SAP Services offers a combination of SAP experts, methodologies, tools, and certified partners – plus a comprehensive portfolio of services.  We collaborate with you to achieve your business goals and attain value leveraging your SAP solution. With industry expertise in 24 distinct areas – from big data and analytics, to mobility and cloud – and over 40 years of experience with hundreds of thousands of customers, SAP Services is the key to helping your business run like never before.


Transform your enterprise from product to customer-centric with a preconfigured solution covering several use cases like POS Data Transfer & Audit, Inventory Visibility and Multichannel Sales Analytics

Get a unified view on demand, sales, stock and customer information across all channels with the help of pre-built analytics 

Optimize on-shelf availability to increase customer satisfaction and sales 

Install and configure SAP’s Customer Activity Repository — as well as train key users — in as little as 11 weeks*


Get SAP training and education

Enhance your knowledge of SAP software, develop new skills, and bring more expertise to your company. Our full suite of software training and education courses and certifications can help you maximize the power of your SAP solutions.

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