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Waste, Recycling, and Environmental Services Solutions

Upgrade street cleaning, recover valuable materials from waste, and manage waste-to-energy facilities in cities

Manage municipal waste, recycling, and environmental services in compliance with environmental legislation and sustainability policies with solutions from SAP. Provide mobile apps and self-service portals that simplify processes such as services billing, bulk-waste collection requests, and citizen reporting of environmental pollution. Support ad hoc and preplanned vehicle routing, workforce planning, and asset management for waste bins, waste trucks, and recycling stations.

Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of our waste, recycling, and environmental services solutions:

Asset Management for Waste Bins and Cleaning

Make the most of your containers, fleet, and infrastructure 

Track and manage your equipment for municipal waste collection and environmental services with SAP solutions that support asset management for waste bins and cleaning. By enabling you to process Big Data from smart bins and waste truck telematics in real time, our software can help you:

  • Perform accurate, in-depth analysis of data
  • Make reliable predictions based on your data
  • Process complex events and visualize data
Clean City Self-Services

Improve citizen access to waste removal and environmental services

Support clean city self-services for municipal and commercial waste collection, urban cleaning, and other environmental services with SAP software. By providing an omnichannel approach to citizen engagement, our software helps you:

  • Reduce errors when processing citizen complaints
  • Integrate triggered activities with municipal operations
  • Improve waste collection, snow removal, and environmental services
  • Streamline billing, accounting, and revenue performance monitoring
Waste Collection and Field Services

Optimize operations for waste collection and environmental services

Improve regular and ad hoc citizen services delivery by optimizing waste collection and field service operations with SAP software that helps you:

  • Organize logistics for waste and snow removal and other services
  • Streamline waste facility and vehicle management, order fulfillment, and regulatory compliance processes
  • Improve services route planning and documentation
  • Access the resources needed to address customer inquiries, capture business opportunities, and adjust to market changes
Urban Mining and Resource Recovery

Optimize recycling facility and material recovery operations

Improve the efficiency of urban mining and resource recovery activities with solutions from SAP. Our software enables you to:

  • Automate, integrate, and streamline waste disposal and resource recovery processes
  • Accelerate inbound and outbound weighing and inspection of waste
  • Comply with established environmental regulations
  • Gain the IT functionality and operational transparency needed to support efficient flow of waste material
Waste-To-Energy, Deconstruction, and Landfill

Maintain environmental compliance and transparency in waste management

Improve waste disposal compliance and stakeholder engagement while remaining accountable for urban environmental impact. Our software for managing waste-to-energy, deconstruction, and landfill can help you:

  • Comply with environmentally friendly waste disposal policies, strict environmental regulations, and sustainability policies
  • Track the flow of material and create classic reports or business-warehouse reports on solid waste flow
Waste Compliance and Stakeholder Engagement

Comply with environmental laws for waste collection and disposal

Keep waste and disposal operations environmentally friendly and legally complaint with solutions for waste compliance and stakeholder engagement from SAP. Our software helps you:

  • Uphold environmentally friendly waste disposal policies as well as strict environmental regulations and sustainability policies
  • Track the flow of materials
  • Create classic reports or business warehouse reports on the flow of solid waste

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