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Deliver the consumer goods and products shoppers crave

Align every aspect of your operations to the needs of next-gen consumers – from product development to retail – with SAP solutions for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Our software can help you anticipate, plan, and manage demand for innovative consumer goods and products, and surpass the expectations of even the savviest shoppers.

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Turning consumer data into actionable insight

What's keeping consumer products organizations from taking demand-driven insight to a bold new level? This video shows how consumer products organizations can finally make real what was once too visionary or too costly to achieve. 

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14% fewer days in inventory*

Consumer products companies that perform inventory forecasting for different combinations of SKUs and locations have 14% fewer days in inventory than those that don’t. How does your company compare?

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Make in-demand products – faster

Accelerate time-to-market with products that consumers want – when and how they want them. Find out how SAP’s consumer products solutions can help you respond faster to dynamic customer demand, while optimizing your investments for trade promotion and brand management.

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Can customization be profitable?

From bespoke leather stitching on a Maserati Grancabrio to do-it-yourself soda flavors at a Coca-Cola freestyle fountain, customers are increasingly demanding - and getting - individual customization from companies.

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Trade Management: SAP’s Revolutionary Enhancements Front and Center

Managing trade promotions is still an incredibly important process to CP manufacturers. On average, CP companies spend twenty percent of total revenue on trade


Oktoberfest In The Digital Era: Can You Get Too Far Ahead Of Customers?

As Oktoberfest revels kick off in places near and far from the celebration’s origins in Germany, I started thinking about how modern supply chains have evolved to match the rites of every season, including beer aficionados. 

In A Socially Conscious World, Brand Integrity Starts With A Higher Purpose

Today’s consumers are socially conscious and lean toward brands that have a higher purpose. Research shows that if given a choice, most consumers will purchase a brand with a cause over one without. 



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Replay the best of SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 to learn how to maximize your SAP investments and find solutions to the biggest, most pressing challenges in the CPG industry. Watch keynotes, interviews, and more covering the latest trends and hot topics.

Run Simple with SAP Service and Support

Make sure your SAP solutions meet your business needs simply and seamlessly – with help from SAP Service and Support. Our 30,000+ consultants have unparalleled product knowledge, technology expertise, and experience across 25 distinct industries. 

We’ve recently refined the way we engage with customers, to make it even easier for you to drive transformation and simplify your business. Whether you want to speed up implementation, move to the cloud, customize your solution, optimize IT, or do something completely different – the SAP Service and Support team is here to make it happen.


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Use best practices, technology, and accelerators to adopt the right solution approach

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SAP Training and Education

Enhance your knowledge of SAP software, develop new skills, and bring more expertise to your company. Our full suite of software training and education courses and certifications can help you maximize the power of your SAP solutions.

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