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Digitizing the Extended Supply Chain

Run a digitized supply chain that connects R&D, manufacturing, asset management, and sustainability 

Manage information and processes simultaneously across your extended supply chain – and become a real-time, digital business. Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) and new, connected technologies can improve the way you design, plan, respond, make, ship, and operate your products and assets. The result? Extended supply chain management (SCM) that is more connected, intelligent, responsive, and predictive than ever before.

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Innovate with our Extended Supply Chain solutions


Customer Centricity

Meeting customer demands begins the minute you meet a customer. SAP solutions allow visibility across your network to immediately deliver on customer expectations. Keep pace in rapid growth markets so demand never exceeds your ability to supply it.  

Resource Scarcity

Optimize profits by optimizing resources. SAP solutions enable you to do more with less and do it in the moment. Build sustainability, cost optimization, and risk management into your business process.

Individualized Products

Customer demands are often as unique as the customers themselves. SAP enables you to deliver tailored personalized products to satisfy the most unique individual demands, and do it at the speed of customer expectations.

Sharing Economy

Get the most out of your business by sharing. SAP solutions give you the visibility across all your networks so you know exactly how to leverage support. Have the agility to respond within a network of networks.


Individualized Products: The Burning Platform for Future Competitiveness

The ability to customize products and fulfill very specific, individual customer needs is emerging as the burning platform for future competitiveness. For many organizations this is a fundamental change in their current business model and operational processes. Download the latest SCM World white paper to learn more.

Building the customer-centric, omnichannel supply chain

Smart organizations today use smart processes and technologies to extract a wealth of customer insight from their supply chains. And then they combine this insight with processes and technology to serve omnichannel customers better – leaving the laggards behind. Download the new SCM World white paper to learn more.

Customer centric supply chain in a digital age: how leaders are different

Digitization is impacting everything – accelerating change, deepening insights, and enabling increasingly personalized products and services.  It is a wave of transformation affecting retail, consumer and industrial businesses. Join us to learn the steps for supply chain executives working to sharpen their edge with customers in the digital age.

Disruptions in Supply Chain – Are you Ready for 2016?

How can you make your supply chain more agile and data driven in the Digital Economy? Find out why COOs must transform their supply chains to meet these new challenges and what those changes will entail. Hear what our experts have said by listening to the webinar.


Real-time supply chain planning capabilities

Meet future demand, profitably, with SAP Integrated Business Planning. Powered by SAP HANA in-memory technology, this real-time supply chain planning solution enables sales and operations, supply and demand planning, and inventory optimization. 

How brands can take advantage of the Sharing Economy? 

What’s the Sharing Economy? It’s a new trend that’s disrupting businesses everywhere. Learn how your company can take advantage before it’s too late.

Do you have an Asset Intelligence Network? 

By using the SAP Asset Intelligence Network, your company will be able to streamline its equipment related collaboration processes between Operators, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, and Engineering service providers.

The evolving relationship between EHS and Operational Risk Management

In this LNS Research report, sponsored by SAP, we explore the relationship between operational risks and environment, health, and safety management. 

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Expert Community

Connect with experts from SAP on the latest insights around extended supply chain.

Chief Supply Chain Officer: The Most Transformative Executive In The C-Suite  

Emerging technologies such as mobile and social platforms have changed customer behaviors. To compete in the digital economy, companies are discovering they must embrace more fundamental change and to achieve that, they are renewing their focus on the extended supply chain. Learn how CSCO is revolutionizing the supply chain and transforming the organization and its competitive posture.

The Supply Chain Goes Digital: Opportunities and Challenges  

Digital supply chain disruption is in full swing. Today’s hottest companies – Uber, AirBnb, Netflix, and Alibaba – are all service providers that own no actual inventory. Read this blog to get insight to how to achieve digital supply chain success.

Why 3D Printed Food Just Transformed Your Supply Chain

Numerous sectors are experimenting with 3D printing, which has the potential to disrupt many markets. One that’s already making progress is the food industry. The U.S. Army hopes to use 3D printers to customize food for each soldier. NASA is exploring 3D printing of food in space. The technology could eventually end hunger around the world. Learn why this is important for your supply chain.

How Your Supply Chain Can Drive Digital Transformation for Your Business

Manufacturing in the age of personalization can be challenging. What’s more, today’s consumers aren’t only on the lookout for customized products; they’re in search of personalized shopping experiences, too. Learn how digitized extended supply chains can help your organization to achieve the customer-centricity your business needs to thrive.
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