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Customer Engagement, Commerce, and CRM

Transform your front office to deliver real-time customer engagement

What is the best way to drive higher levels of customer engagement? Provide customers with personalized experiences that are seamless across channels.  Our SAP hybris solutions, powered by SAP HANA, power the digital transformation of the front office and redefine customer relationship management (CRM) by integrating marketing, commerce, sales, and customer service. We bring these data and process silos together, so that you can create the ultimate omni-channel customer experience.

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Deployment Options

Cloud Deployment

Re-define customer engagement with our next generation cloud CRM solutions. Our cloud CRM portfolio brings marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service together – to deliver rich insight, flawless execution, and a contextual customer experience. Stay a step ahead with SAP Cloud for Customer – so you can engage your customers like never before.

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On-Premise Deployment

When you want secure, on-premise support for your marketing, sales, and service functions, the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application is the right choice. Feature-rich SAP CRM helps you better understand and engage your customers on every channel – so you can build customer loyalty, win more deals, and make it simple for customers to get the help they need.

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Don't pay more for less - go beyond CRM

Take this quick evaluation to receive your customer engagement score. Immediately find out how efficiently your business runs and learn just how much you could benefit from running SAP customer engagement solutions.

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Free trial: SAP Cloud for Sales

This simple yet powerful CRM solution is designed to help sales teams get up and running in minutes – allowing you to try out some of the enterprise sales features free for 30-days.

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Announcing the Simplified Front Office

SAP announced integrated digital enterprise technologies that are intended to transform the relationships companies have with their customers. A powerful portfolio of SAP hybris tools with in-the-moment customer profiling, digital commerce and community development, that empowers an organization’s front office to stay connected with the frequently shifting needs of its customers and prospects. Companies can go beyond customer relationship management (CRM) into a new era of digital connectedness, customer service and support.


SAP hybris Profile solution

Aimed to derive insights into customer habits, this solution is intended to serve as the customer-centric foundation of the system, capturing all interactions, contexts and behaviors to create a continually evolving and dynamic profile of the customer.

SAP hybris Customer Experience

Software for cross-touchpoint experiences envisioned to be the omnichannel delivery capability of the future, offering the visual contextualization of the customer’s experience.

SAP hybris as a Service

Intended to become the modular business microservices layer for the planned SAP hybris front office on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP hybris as a Service is envisioned to help customers to stay ahead of the curve by providing community, autonomy and simplicity.


Ready for the new anywhere, anytime customer journey?

See how you can deliver consistent engagement at all 7 phases of each customer’s uniquely personal adventure.  

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A 7-strategy guide to marketing

Learn everything you need to know about building stronger relationships – one customer at a time, in this comprehensive guide for marketers.

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Six steps to selling smarter

Get the insights and access to the business data you need to empower your sales teams to close more deals—anytime and anywhere.

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What can a modern CRM solution for customer engagement do for you?

Reduce marketing costs, boost revenues, decrease sales cycle times, improve pipeline visibility, reduce service resolution times, and more. Check out this recent analyst report to see why SAP is a leader in CRM suites.


Creating the perfect commerce experience

Examine the growing relationship between customer experience, loyalty, and repeat sales. Plus learn actionable strategies for creating encounters based on seamless dialogue across multiple touch points.

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Customer engagement: Best of the best

Consider what customer engagement means today through activities of six organizations that have transformed marketing efforts by focusing on customers.

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Explore the hottest topics in customer engagement and CRM software


Are you still following a 19th-century marketing mindset?

The rise of omni-channel commerce and the opportunity for digital customer engagement across a range of new channels is the new benchmark for 21st century business.

Fit for engagement: Meet the smart new media consumer

If you want to get to know your future customer, look at your kids. How they communicate and interact is quite literally how our future customers will communicate and interact.

Great leaders understand great customer experiences

Creating a customer experience culture is a tall order and it begins with leadership that addresses the concerns of its internal constituents. After all, happy employees equal happy customers.


SAP Training & Education

Enhance your knowledge of SAP software, develop new skills, and bring more expertise to your company. A full suite of software training and education courses and certifications helps you maximize the power of your SAP solutions.

Run Simple with SAP Service and Support

Make sure your SAP solutions meet your business needs simply and seamlessly – with help from SAP Service and Support. Our 30,000+ consultants have unparalleled product knowledge, technology expertise, and experience across 25 distinct industries.

We’ve recently refined the way we engage with customers, to make it even easier for you to drive transformation and simplify your business. Whether you want to speed up implementation, move to the cloud, customize your solution, optimize IT, or do something completely different – the SAP Service and Support team is here to make it happen.


Develop an innovation road map specific to your business objectives

Use best practices, technology, and accelerators to adopt the right solution approach

Choose a premium engagement to tackle highly complex and risky scenarios


Game Plan B2B Conference

Hear from acclaimed business visionaries, thought-leaders, and notable industry analysts about the transformation of B2B commerce, and how to thrive in this new, digital ecosystem. October 21-23, 2015 in Fort Worth TX.

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