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Cloud Computing

Welcome to the cloud built for business

SAP has deep experience serving 70+ million cloud users, with some of the world’s largest cloud implementations. Our solutions offer an unparalleled user experience, all built with mobile access in mind, and all leveraging the industry expertise from more than 253,000 SAP customers in 191 countries across 25 industries. Best of all, you get the flexibility to use the cloud when and how you want.

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The cloud is growing up - fast

According to consecutive surveys, executives worldwide say that cloud is now driving change in their organizations – and will play a major role in their plans for the near future.

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Trying to do more with less?

Companies today operate on more flexible models that require them to rapidly assemble resources on a project basis to address the biggest challenges of the moment and disassemble processes just as quickly to make their business more agile and profitable. Discover the power of a global business network – a more productive way to manage resources.

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1.7 Million connected companies

Welcome to the Networked Economy. The Ariba Network is the largest global open-trading network, used by nearly 1.7 million companies in 190 countries around the world. Explore how buyers and sellers who connect to the Ariba Network can achieve significant benefits.

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Workforce 2020: The Millennial Misunderstanding

As the flood of Millennial employees grows globally, many assumptions exist about how companies must cater to their specific wants and needs. See how Millennials are more like their older coworkers than previously thought.

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Conquering disruption through digital transformation

As growing digitization and evolving consumer demand rapidly change the marketplace, executives must find new ways to innovate for business advantage. Learn how to embrace the digital transformation and capitalize on new opportunities.

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The Networked Economy

Individuals, businesses and societies are becoming interconnected in real time, leading to a new Networked Economy that is more collaborative, intelligent, responsive, and efficient with dramatic increases in productivity and economic value.

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The Forecast For Business

Just as consumers use social tools and networks to shop, share and consume better, companies are leveraging the automation, scale, and ubiquity of the cloud to further simplify the way complex business gets done.

A New Database Standard

One of the questions I sometimes get while still being new to SAP is what do I think of HANA? It’s a good question.  I’ve been in the database industry for a long time and before joining SAP was always curious how HANA came into existence and how it made traction so quickly in the market.



Journey to the cloud with SAP Services

Quickly and smoothly implement new SAP technologies and applications – no matter if the deployment scenario is on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination of the two. The key is having the right expertise to translate your business needs into a clear roadmap towards transforming your IT landscape and driving high-value business outcomes. Our services are co-designed with the solutions themselves, and our experts leverage proven methodologies and best practices to ensure your deployment is a success.

Simplicity is the key to innovation. And innovation is the key to competitive advantage. SAP Services helps unlock your power and provide a simple path to innovation acceleration and the cloud. 

Our 15,000+ trained and certified consultants are focused on delivering true end-to-end solutions that yield the business outcomes you need to stay competitive. 

And with over 40 years of experience with hundreds of thousands of customers, SAP Services knows how to help your business unlock the power of SAP and Run Simple. SAP Services can help your business:


Reduce uncertainty and risk with co-designed software and implementation services

Speed implementation with SAP’s exclusive best practices

Ensure critical integration and migration of data between on-premise and cloud solutions


SAP Certification in the Cloud

How can you prove your SAP Cloud expertise to the world? SAP Certification in the Cloud identifies consultants and partners best prepared to lead SAP customers into the future.  And SAP will even help potential customers find them online.

What does it take to spark true innovation?

In today’s ultra-connected world, insight is no longer a single light bulb that switches on. It’s the result of constant engagement with employees, customers, and partners.

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