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What is SAP HANA?

Deployable on premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA is the in-memory computing platform that enables you to accelerate business processes, deliver more intelligence, and simplify your IT environment. By providing the foundation for all your data needs, SAP HANA removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and siloed data, so you can run live and make better business decisions in the new digital economy.

How does SAP HANA work?

SAP HANA combines an ACID-compliant database with application services, high-speed analytics, and flexible data acquisition tools in a single, in-memory platform. As an in-memory database, SAP HANA stores and retrieves data used by applications. It can also act as a modern-day warehouse, integrating data from a wide variety of data sources with live transactional data to deliver up-to-date insights. Built-in application services support the development and deployment of new business apps that exploit data from the digital highway and leverage advanced data processing – text search and analytics, predictive analytics, spatial data processing, graph data processing, and streaming analytics – to deliver deeper insight from Big Data and the Internet of Things at unprecedented speed.  

Key benefits and capabilities

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SAP HANA accelerates transactional and analytical processing against a single copy of data in-memory to deliver real-time insights against fresh data, while dramatically reducing data footprint and hardware and operation costs.
SAP HANA provides application services to support more agile development of modern applications. It also simplifies the application architecture and improves performance because data must no longer be transferred between an application server and database.
SAP HANA can perform text, predictive, spatial, graph, streaming, and series processing against large volumes of data in-memory to deliver unprecedented insight using a single platform.
SAP HANA embeds data integration capabilities to support rapid access and analysis of data from any data source for broader insight.
SAP HANA delivers enterprise-grade high availability, disaster recovery, scalability, and security capabilities to ensure continuous operations without disruptions.

Run Live with SAP HANA

To learn more, watch the 5-minute video to see why Norwegian Cruise Line chose SAP HANA.

Facts about SAP HANA

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Top 10 questions for choosing
in-memory databases

Choosing the right in-memory database for your business needs and budget doesn’t have to be complicated. Knowing which questions to ask – and getting clear and simple answers – can help you make the best decision and build a strong business case. Check out this interactive infographic for frequently asked questions (and answers) that can help with your in-memory database comparison.

Separating fact from fiction: SAP HANA performance

How do you determine which products will best meet your needs – and how do you separate fact from fiction when it comes to product claims? Because we want customers to choose products that help them excel, SAP offers standard application benchmarks that provide unbiased information about the performance of our products. Learn about the benchmarking process and the specifics about SAP HANA performance.

Gain value from solutions that leverage

Enhance your data and application management capabilities by extending the functionality of SAP HANA on premise, in the cloud, and in Hadoop.
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Built on SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA is a next-generation business suite designed to help customers thrive in the digital era. Digitize and simplify your processes – and provide a personalized user experience with the SAP Fiori UX.


  • Support innovation with reimagined business models
  • Choose your preferred deployment – cloud, on premise, or hybrid
  • Reduce TCO and increase flexibility


SAP HANA Vora is an in-memory, massively distributed data processing engine that allows you to analyze Big Data stored in Hadoop. Use it to gain real-time, relevant insights that support faster and more informed decisions.
  • Process and analyze Big Data in Hadoop
  • Correlate Hadoop and SAP HANA data
  • Organize massive volumes of unstructured data


SAP BW/4HANA is an integrated data warehouse solution optimized to fully leverage the SAP HANA in-memory platform. SAP BW/4HANA dramatically simplifies development, administration and user interface of your data warehouse resulting in enhanced business agility. 
  • Simplify your data warehouse architecture
  • Integrate SAP and non-SAP apps and data into one logical data warehouse
  • Built for on premise and the cloud   

Get fresh perspectives from experts

Explore our customer success stories

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Cirque du Soleil

Find out how Cirque du Soleil encourages spectators to become a part of their shows – using a mobile app that leverages technology from the SAP HANA platform.

Mitsui Knowledge Industry

Discover how MKI is using SAP HANA to analyze DNA samples quickly and accurately – so researchers can develop better tests and treatments for viruses and cancer.

Cofely Ineo and Cofely Axima

Cofely Ineo and Cofely Axima are subsidiaries of electrical giant Engie. Learn how both companies are using SAP HANA to improve efficiency and decision making.

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