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Ensure good ideas don’t go to waste – with SAP Innovation Management software

Innovation is vital to company growth and success. The challenge lies in harnessing innovation in a way that delivers profitable outcomes and optimizes your investment in R&D. SAP Innovation Management software helps you foster innovation, capture it, and rapidly convert it into industry-leading, value-generating initiatives – so you are never left behind.

  • Accelerate the ideation phase – turn ideas into concepts faster
  • Run an Innovation Office to help evaluate and manage ideas throughout the pipeline
  • Bridge innovation silos across functions, business units, and geographies
  • Foster interdisciplinary team building for better idea development
  • Encourage employees to participate in the ideation process
  • View, share, and discuss ideas with peers anytime, anywhere – with our mobile app

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Turn ideas into results — in a quick, effective, integrated way

Featured Resources


How to Decode and Demystify Innovation

Innovation isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. But it’s not that easy to institutionalize. See how innovation products and services such as SAP Innovation Management can help you demystify innovation and be ready to take advantage of good ideas, when and where inspiration strikes.

Make Innovation Probable and Repeatable

Industry leadership requires new ideas – and resting on your laurels is not an option. Discover how the SAP Innovation Management Framework offers a structured set of concepts and practices that you can apply to foster innovation – and secure your place as an industry leader.

Why Innovation Networks Matter

Creating connections with stakeholders and embracing local and global innovation systems is key to harnessing the power of new ideas. Learn how innovation networks help you formalize innovation practices and processes, so you can bring new products and services to market faster.

Featured Solutions

Idea Community

Share ideas and experiences with peers. Run local and global idea campaigns that foster innovation engagement through shared ideas and experiences.

  • Foster innovation engagement through an idea browser and gamification
  • Provide transparency of ranking and validation to idea owners
  • Connect with peers and share experiences using the Expert Finder
  • Discover and develop similar ideas across business units to jumpstart innovation
Mobile Client

Get mobile access to SAP Innovation Management – so you can interact and participate in the innovation process anywhere, anytime.

  • Browse, share, and discuss new ideas with peers
  • Rank ideas and vote for your preferred initiatives
  • Capture and publish new ideas in the idea community
Innovation Office

The powerful Innovation Office helps you pan for innovation gold more effectively and faster. It’s the “secret sauce” of innovation effectiveness.

  • Identify the most promising ideas using an iterative and flexible stage gate process
  • Enhance the results of community idea voting with comprehensive evaluation by experts
  • Evaluate ideas and campaigns using powerful analytics
  • Find similar ideas across organizational silos and accelerate the ideation process
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