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Streamline accounts payable (AP) with our invoice management software

Eliminate the words "time-consuming" and "labor-intensive" from your invoice management vocabulary – with the SAP Invoice Management application by OpenText. Streamline your entire accounts payable (AP) operation with software that simplifies creating, managing, monitoring, and routing purchase orders and invoices.

  • Accelerate AP operations across the enterprise through integration with SAP ERP
  • Boost productivity and revenue by automating routing, approval, and payment processes
  • Improve cash flow by streamlining workflows, initiating reminders, and shortening the payment cycle
  • Ensure accurate, on-time financial reporting with automatic access to AP information
  • Promote regulatory compliance with a well-managed AP process using preconfigured rules
  • Enhance vendor relations with better access to current, accurate vendor information

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Transform Your Invoice Processes

Learn how SAP Invoice Management by OpenText can help you better manage invoice processing, eliminate manual entry errors, meet critical payment and compliance deadlines – and even avoid risks related to inaccurate data. Read the solution brief for the details.

Top Ten Reasons

Discover the reasons to transform your procurement value chain with collaborative invoice management solutions from SAP. On premise and in the cloud, SAP software lets you connect contracts, purchase orders, payments, and sourcing.


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