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Optimize your IT test data management with the SAP Test Data Migration Server

The SAP Test Data Migration Server offers a superior IT data management solution that allows you to create lean and secure non-production environments for development, training, and QA.  

  • Shrink the footprint of non-production environments
  • Provide the latest data to development and test teams
  • Protect sensitive data in test and training systems
  • Increase flexibility by selectively refreshing single clients in SAP systems
  • Quickly adapt to changing requirements and new innovations such as SAP HANA and cloud solutions

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A Smarter IT Test Data Management

With the SAP Test Data Migration Server, your IT team can create small, easy-to-maintain non-production environments that safeguard sensitive data. You’ll reduce the time to create system copies and get better data to maximize the effectiveness of your development, test, and training activities.

Classroom Training for TDMS10 and TDMS20

Equip your IT team with the knowledge and skills they need to plan and execute migration projects using SAP Test Data Migration Server software – with classroom-based training. This 5-day instructor-led workshop is divided into two courses: TDMS10 (3-day course) and TDMS20 (2-day course).

Go Mobile with SAP TDMS Manager

SAP TDMS Manager is a mobile app that connects you with SAP TDMS 4.0, and allows you to keep a close eye on your migration processes and initiate relevant action from an iPhone or iPad. You can connect to the TDMS server anytime, anywhere using the Internet – even outside the company’s firewall.

What's included

Useful New Ways to Slice and Manage Your Data

SAP TDMS 4.0 comes with a new Web-based UI that makes it even easier to move quality data from the production system to the non-production landscape.

  • Slice data based on time and/or company code
  • Migrate all data belonging to a specific client
  • Clear your receiver system of all existing client-specific data
  • Slice data based on business objects – partners, contracts, external accounts, etc.
  • Select SAP ERP HCM data based on business criteria
  • Create the same repository of the non-production system as the production using shell creation

View SAP TDMS All Guides and Documentation

Data Scrambling


Data scrambling anonymizes sensitive production data to help prevent unauthorized access when migrating to a non-production system.

  • Stand-Alone Scrambling: Scramble existing sensitive data in your non-production system
  • Scrambling During Data Transfer: Scramble and protect sensitive data while transferring from the sender system to the receiver system
Data Transfer Through Files

Create non-production systems with the same data set across different geographical locations using a simple file-based transfer method.

  • Maintain security between the sender system and the test landscape
  • Resolve performance issues caused by transferring data from multiple data centers
  • Set up multiple test systems with the same export data set
Business Process Library


The TDMS BPL is a collection of business objects for SAP applications that allows you to transfer process-specific data and model custom-developed objects.

  • Use BPL Modeler to view, extend, and alter the data model of selected BPL objects 
  • Leverage the standard scrambling workbench in SAP TDMS 4.0 to scramble the data of BPL objects
  • Transfer small sets of business objects data repeatedly with BPL functionality


Reduction for Industry Solutions

SAP TDMS allows you to select data from the production system based on industry-relevant business objects and migrate it to the non-production system.

  • Use time-based reduction for Apparel and Footwear, Oil and Gas, Healthcare, and DIMP
  • Use object-based reduction for Banking, Retail, and Utilities
  • Ensure data migration is carried out consistently across all organizational units

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