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SAP Lumira

Self-service data visualization for everyone

SAP Lumira

Self-service data visualization for everyone

Welcome to the new world of data visualization: SAP Lumira

Bring your data to life with SAP Lumira – data visualization software that makes it easy to create beautiful and interactive maps, charts, and infographics. Import data from Excel and many other sources, perform visual BI analysis using intuitive dashboards, and securely share insights and data stories with your team.

Compare SAP Lumira Editions


SAP Lumira for Individuals

Download the free personal edition of SAP Lumira to get started with visual data analysis right away. Quickly connect to databases, create compelling data visualizations – and easily share your findings with others.

SAP Lumira for SMEs & Teams

Arm your SME or department with SAP Lumira, Edge edition. Affordable and powerful, the solution uses a lightweight in-memory server to help your team analyze, visualize, and share data – for faster time to insight.

SAP Lumira for Your Enterprise

With SAP Lumira, server edition, you can empower your entire organization with self-service Big Data visualization – on a single platform. Securely share insights and take advantage of tools for user and access management.


Predict the unpredictable

See how simple it is to predict future opportunities and risks using self-service analytics to turn data from all sources into valid insights and better decisions. Find the self-service analytics application that’s right for you.

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The key to effective data visualizations?

Reap the full benefits of data visualization by creating strong visual design standards that incorporate best practices. This Eckerson Group report outlines the steps involved – and easy ways to embed them directly into your reporting and analysis tools.

The Empire Strikes Back

SAP Lumira goes head-to-head with the competition for data visualization.  Read this recent IDC Link report, to discover where SAP excels for functionality, enterprise support, predictive capabilities, geo mapping, and more.

Forrester: SAP leads the agile BI pack

Find out why Forrester ranked SAP as a leader in their “2014 Agile BI Wave Report.” Compare BI vendors, and learn how SAP’s next-gen BI tools and analytics can help you succeed in a buyer-centric world that demands speed, flexibility, and responsiveness.


Calling all developers

SAP Lumira has been designed with the developer in mind. Explore custom extensions and learn how our built-in SDK makes it easier to develop custom visualizations, charts, and connectors.

Partner opportunities

As an SAP Lumira partner, you can create custom, industry-specific visualization extensions. Publish them in the SAP Store to monetize your innovations – and help customers see their business data in a brand new light.


A step-by-step guide to
using SAP Lumira

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What's New in SAP Lumira 1.29

SAP Lumira 1.29 is now available! Here are some highlights of what you can expect to see in this much-anticipated release.

Analyzing Flight Cancellations with
SAP Lumira

Flight delays and cancellations happen all the time – and according to SAP Lumira, in most cases, it’s not the airline’s fault.

Governing Lumira Desktop using BI4 without HANA

Here’s how to restrict SAP Lumira Desktop functionality using rights in the CMC. Hint: it does not require the SAP Lumira Integration add-on.


Try a full version of SAP Lumira – free

See how easy it can be to quickly turn Excel and CSV spreadsheets into stunning data visualizations – with a free full version of SAP Lumira. Create beautiful, interactive maps and charts, easily spot trends and patterns, and drill into details – all through an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

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