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Harness smart IoT applications

Reap the full benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – for superior operational performance. Our IoT applications can help you collect and make sense of IoT device and sensor data, improve digital operations management, and digitize your business, manufacturing, and logistics processes.

Why SAP IoT applications?

Because they connect you to the places where the Internet of Things will have the most impact. According to McKinsey, these include cities, vehicles, factories, retail stores, on humans (IoT wearables), and outside. Our IoT applications let you collect, act on, and analyse data at these sites.  Use them to:

  • Create smart transportation systems that keep cities running smoothly
  • Harness connected cars, work sites, factories, and production plants
  • Lay the groundwork for industrial automation and controls
  • Perform predictive maintenance and lower repair costs
  • Use wearable technology and IoT devices to improve workplace efficiency

Explore SAP IoT applications by category

Smart cities

By 2050, 75% of the world's population will live in cities, bringing new growth challenges. One of the biggest will be traffic – with congestion, pollution, and parking issues. Intelligent transportation systems can help.  

Factories & manufacturing plants

The Industrial IoT – the fourth Industrial Revolution - offers limitless possibilities for smart manufacturing use cases, from collaborative robotics to smart factory automation to predictive maintenance. 

IoT work sites

With connected planning processes and sensors for predictive maintenance, remote work sites can now be managed more effectively. Gain visibility into the entire digital supply chain to ensure delivery of necessary service parts. 

Connected vehicles

In the era of the connected car – and autonomous vehicles – new opportunities abound, including vehicle-to-vehicle communication, car diagnostics, vehicle tracking, and predictive maintenance for mileage and tire wear. 

IoT in transit

By leveraging data from connected delivery trucks, logistics companies can now build automated logistics systems – optimising schedules and routes, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the customer experience.

IoT operations center

Transform operations management with our Internet of Things applications. They can help you run seamless digital operations, plan collaboratively, automate business processes, and more. 

IoT for humans

IoT wearable technology, devices, and gadgets have uses beyond the health and wellness industry. For example, smart glasses and IoT applications make it easy for employees to work hands-free – in the office or in the field. 

IoT for consumer industries

Deliver personalised, omnichannel shopping experiences in real time – with our IoT applications for retail. Collect and analyse data from connected consumer products, RFID tags, and customers.

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