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Social Protection and Benefits Solutions

Automate and streamline service delivery processes for social protection and benefits and social security deductions

Improve service delivery processes for social protection and benefits and social security deductions. With SAP software you can:   

  • Support case worker decision making with a rules engine for improved compliance
  • Improve intake for new customers and the processing of applications for social benefits and grants
  • Determine customer eligibility and entitlement to social benefits based on legislative rules and rates
  • Trigger retrospective calculation of eligibility and entitlement

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Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of our social protection and benefits solutions:

Application Processing

Simplify submission and processing of social benefit and grant applications

Maximise application processing for social benefits and grants by segmenting low-risk customers and claims from high-risk customers and complex cases requiring caseworker attention. Our software can help capture tell-once data:

  • Collect data via dynamic digital forms that prepopulate known data
  • Validate information based on business rules and integration with third-party sources
  • Trigger follow-up activities based on information provided, business policy, and assessed risk/complexity
Case Management

Improve case management collaboration across multidisciplinary delivery teams

Collaborate in real time on multidisciplinary service delivery of optimal case management. Our software can help you:

  • Facilitate longitudinal analysis by recording changes in case transaction history
  • Link applications, case notes, decisions, communications, and payment records across interactions and systems
  • Coordinate assignments, tasks, and rules-based workflows across internal and external stakeholders
  • Track and record updates, decisions, and actions throughout the case lifecycle
Benefit Decision Making

Increase consistency and transparency of benefits decision-making processes

Centralise and automate benefit decision-making processes, such as eligibility and entitlement for social benefits/grants. Our software can help you:

  • Create rules in natural language and reuse rule sets across benefit programs
  • Respond rapidly to social policy changes with effective dating and versioning of rule sets
  • Bundle payments automatically across benefit programs
  • Manage over- and underpayments transparently for retrospective adjustments and reduction from nonparticipation
Deduction Decision Making

Increase the consistency and transparency of deduction decision-makings and processes

Simplify and automate deduction decision-making processes to recover liabilities and fulfil customer financial obligations such as utility fees and taxes. Our software can help you:

  • Withhold deductions for overpayment to beneficiaries or from planned payments
  • Enable third-party deductions from planned payments and transfers to alternative payment accounts
  • Allocate deductions from planned payments and transfers to liability accounts
  • Consolidate benefits and deductions into net payments
Grantor Front Office Processes

Maximise the efficiency of your grant programs with grantor front office processes

Deliver accountable, well-managed grant programs to citizens – and show measurable results. With grantor front office processes solutions from SAP, you can:

  • Support all types of grant programs, eliminating the need to run multiple, disparate systems and manual processes
  • Create a central repository for all grant program information, which maximises service efficiency, helps ensure data integrity, and enables proactive monitoring and management of all programs and outcomes
Grantor Financial Processes

Stay on budget with accurate payments and visibility into potential savings with grantor financial processes

Manage grant money more effectively with grantor financial processes software from SAP. With SAP software, you can:

  • Support planning, selection, management, and evaluation of grant programs, helping ensure payment accuracy
  • Create real-time availability checks and tolerance profiles that enable adherence to budgets and prevent overruns
  • Establish proactive notifications indicating when you are approaching important budget consumption targets
Benefit Payment Services

Manage inbound and outbound benefit payment services

Support communication with clients about benefit payment services and related topics and issues. Our software can help you:

  • Give contact centre representatives access to relevant financial information
  • Make payments for social benefits and grants
  • Use dunning and collection tools to secure outstanding debts

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Quickly adopt and maintain SAP solutions

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