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 Product Safety and Stewardship Network Solutions

Manage global product safety and compliance throughout the product lifecycle

Enforce compliance at each step of the product lifecycle with product safety and stewardship network solutions from SAP. Manage regulations and collect compliance information from customers and suppliers. Track registrations and substance volumes, classify products, and create safety data sheets. Label hazardous materials properly and package, transport, and store them safely. And achieve big results – like lower costs, improved product marketability, and greater supply chain continuity.

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Solution Capabilities

Included Capabilities

Product Compliance for Discrete Industries

Safeguard design, sourcing, manufacturing, sales, and distribution with full product compliance in discrete industries

Access product compliance data from your supply chain with SAP software. Embed controls in sourcing, manufacturing, sales, and distribution to help ensure product marketability, brand protection, and reduce compliance costs. Exchange structured information on product compliance and sustainability data through your supply chain. Limit conflict minerals in electronic products. Ensure product compliance for REACH, SVHCs, and RoHS and comply with packaging, battery, and WEEE regulations.

Product and Chemical Compliance for Process Industries

Ensure compliance to secure the right to market, sell, and ship products

Support product and chemical compliance for process industries while managing any kind of compliance requirement. SAP solutions can help you:

  • Collect compliance data from suppliers
  • Track  the volume of regulated substances automatically 
  • Assess products and raw materials against regulations, registrations, and tracked-versus-allowed quantities
  • Publicize compliance information including exposure scenarios
  • Lower the cost of compliance through automation and regulatory content
Safety Data Sheet Management

Classify components and finished products automatically to generate safety data sheets and ship them to customers

Generate and distribute safety data sheets (SDS) for classified products with SAP software. Use regulatory content to automatically classify components and finished products. Generate SDS and automatically send them to customers through integration with logistics processes. Comply with regulations by embedding SDS tasks as part of larger business processes. Ensure marketability, revenue, product safety, and business continuity with safety data sheet management solutions from SAP.

Dangerous Goods Management

Provide safe and compliant transportation of hazardous materials to protect revenue and brand value

Reduce effort and improve classification accuracy by automating management of dangerous goods with solutions from SAP. Integrate dangerous goods checks that provide adequate packaging and accurate transportation modes and routing. Ensure all shipments comply with dangerous goods regulations. These checks and automated provision of dangerous goods documents reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions and delivery delays due to noncompliance and protection of revenue and brand value.

Global Label Management

Comply with product safety labelling requirements, and manage labelling master data, templates, printing, and reporting

Support global labelling processes including master data management, authoring templates, manual and automatic printing, and reporting with SAP solutions. Manage substance and regulatory information in a central database for efficient reuse of information so that products are classified once only, with no need for re-entry of information. Print suitable labels in a variety of labelling scenarios. Use the labelling workbench that provides global label management and full labelling control.


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International SAP Conference on Environment, Health & Safety Management

Don’t miss the International SAP Conference on Environment, Health & Safety Management , Nov 3-4, 2016—in the Hague, Netherlands. This customer-centric event will provide comprehensive access to SAP leadership and solution management, as well as a diverse range of SAP users from multiple industries. 
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