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Engineer-to-Order and Project Manufacturing Solutions

Offer custom engineered solutions with short lead times at a low cost

Improve profitability and competitive differentiation by efficiently managing your processes for engineer-to-order and project manufacturing. Through tighter coordination and automation of engineering, project planning, manufacturing, and project fulfillment, your stakeholder can realize key benefits such as reduced costs, greater transparency and coordination of the  supply-chain network, consistent delivery on customer needs, and compliance with safety and quality standards.  

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Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of our engineer-to-order and project manufacturing solutions:

Project Selling

Support the transition from unstructured account management-related information into a structured quote and contract

Create an effective engineer-to-order and project manufacturing environment with improved project selling. With SAP software you can:

  • Collect and understand structured and unstructured customer requirements
  • Transfer customer requirements into a well-structured, signed contract representing the lowest risk and the highest potential for profitability
  • Build the foundation for requirements and contracts with accurate product and project cost estimation
Project Management and Engineering

Focus on detail designing and construction as well project planning

Improve project management and engineering activities with solutions from SAP. With SAP software you can:

  • Start design and construction activities in the engineering department while project managers plan material and resource requirements, even if the released design documents are not yet available
  • Integrate CAD with PLM, PLM with project systems, and project systems with manufacturing execution as well as supply chain management
Project-Driven Manufacturing, Procurement, and Assembly

Build products and assets controlled by the project

Run your processes across the business with project-driven manufacturing, procurement, and assembly. With SAP software you can:

  • Manage engineering and manufacturing activities with a time schedule and cost target
  • Release engineering designs in an integrated manner to the production department with the project structure system
  • Organize shop floor products and processes efficiently with scheduling priorities, quality management, and as-built records
Delivery and Transportation

Improve the performance of your logistics triggered by project timelines with delivery and transportation solutions

Improve logistics with delivery and transportation solutions from SAP. With SAP software you can:

  • Use project schedules to trigger and control optimized freight planning, booking carriers, settling freight orders, and compliance with trade requirements
  • Integrate all processes for engineer-to-order and project manufacturing, including when equipment is assembled and tested at an OEM factory, broken down, and components transported to a final installation site
Installation and Handover

Perform projects on time and budget with installation and handover solutions

Create error-free, contract-compliant plant construction and smooth transfer to operators with installation and handover, supported by solutions from SAP. With SAP software you can:

  • Operate with a temporary infrastructure during installation onsite, using software solutions to meet requirements for schedule, quality, and performance
  • Integrate functionality from delivery partners temporarily into your existing onsite infrastructure, gaining insight into time, budget, and quality
Project Monitoring

Make smarter, faster decisions to improve results with project monitoring

Maintain visibility into, and control over, operations across plants with solutions for project monitoring from SAP. With SAP software you can:

  • Keep stakeholders informed with performance analytics that integrate role-based visualization and real-time data from multiple sources
  • Monitor financial and logistical performance as well as performance against the project plan
  • Use drill-down functionality to gauge the impact of plant performance on global business results
Change Management

Support an end-to-end change management process with an integrated solution

Eliminate the walls between business units with integrated change management solutions from SAP. Changes, independent of whether they are triggered from the customer, engineering, production, or suppliers, can have significant impact on design, production, and cost, as well as pricing and scheduling. With SAP software you can:

  • Document engineering changes across the entire engineering-to-order and project manufacturing value chain
  • Use 3D models to visualize changes to all parties across the value chain
Project-Driven Collaborative Sourcing

Stay competitive with efficient project-driven collaborative sourcing

Simplify collaboration and optimize procurement process efficiencies with project-driven collaborative sourcing solutions from SAP. With SAP software you can:

  • Utilize project schedules that trigger and control the procurement and supplier collaboration
  • Use various integrated scenarios, such as vendor-managed inventory for make-to-stock parts, procurement via a business network, and engineering collaboration for single modules or components

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