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Future of Food Online Symposium, 18th October, 15.30 GMT. 1 Hour Session

Over the past decade we’ve seen a shift in the food movement. Consumers today have access to more information - and more
buying options - for food wherever and however they want. These shifting consumer trends, along with innovative technologies, new business models, and market disruptors are impacting how food is grown, produced, sold, and consumed.

Join us on 18th October, 15.30 GMT to listen to our panel of experts debate the Future of Food.

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Make in-demand products – faster

Accelerate time-to-market with products that consumers want – when and how they want them. Find out how SAP’s consumer products solutions can help you respond faster to dynamic customer demand, while optimising your investments for trade promotion and brand management.

fewer days in inventory*

Consumer products companies that perform inventory forecasting for different combinations of SKUs and locations have 14% fewer days in inventory than those that don’t. How does your company compare?


Consumer products: Reimagined for the new economy

To build ongoing engagement and loyalty in the digital age, consumer products companies need the capacity to build and grow “live brands.” They need to be able to seamlessly deliver millions of highly personalised experiences in any moment – and ultimately, give consumers what they want, how and when they want it. Learn more about digital transformation in the consumer products industry – and how SAP can help you reimagine your business and business models to thrive in the new economy. 

The consumer-driven digital economy

Now more than ever, consumers are in charge. Discover five breakthrough technology trends – and learn how you can use them to shift your business models, processes, and workplace to meet today’s outcome- and experience-focused consumers. 

The consumer-driven digital enterprise

Move from carts to hearts. Consumers are no longer looking for products but rather seek being inspired, guided, and educated, with outcomes like joy, comfort, security, and control. See at a glance how the CPG industry is being transformed. 

Survey: Assess your digital readiness

Are you ready to meet the demands of the digital consumer? Find out by taking this short survey covering everything from procurement and sales to marketing and manufacturing. Plus, get a customised report assessing your digital readiness. 

IoT and digital transformation

Few technologies have greater potential to transform customer engagement than the Internet of Things (IoT). Read this IDC report to learn how IoT is revolutionising the consumer products, retail, healthcare, and discrete manufacturing industries.

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Virtually endless possibilities

Hand-pick replays of any SAP TechEd keynote, lecture, strategy talk,or how-to session. 

Get fresh perspectives from consumer products experts

International Data Corporation estimates that one-third of the top 20 market share leaders in most industries will be “significantly disrupted” by new and reinvented competitors by 2018.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is well on its way to reaching an estimated 50 billion connected devices by 2020 – and changing life as we know it in the process.
One of the hallmarks of consumer products companies that are thriving in the digital economy is their ability to deliver in-the-moment consumer experiences.



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The digital economy is having a profound impact on SAP customers and requires a new level of orchestration to evolve your business, unleash full business value, and ensure business continuity. SAP Digital Business Services brings business and IT together to help you reimagine your business using our digital business framework.

Based on over 40 years of experience working with the world’s most progressive organisations and a robust partner ecosystem, SAP Digital Business Services can guide you on the path to innovation and digital transformation, while securing critical business processes.


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