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Under Armour out-runs and out-muscles complexity

See how Under Armour uses SAP HANA to speed and simplify processes, anticipate supply and demand, and provide personalized advice and information to help push athletes to the next level, and the next.

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What happens when you combine brains and data?

The DataGenius Challenge is back. It’s your opportunity to make the world – or your corner of it – a better place by solving a complex problem using analytics from SAP. Rewards for the top 3 entries. 

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Clear-cut savings

SAP Crystal Reports – the de facto standard in business reporting – is on sale. Take 10% off the full
version or solution upgrade with promo code CRYREP10 – NA only. 

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A 7-strategy guide to marketing success

Learn everything you need to know about building stronger relationships – one customer at a time, in this comprehensive guide for marketers.

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Make every customer feel like your only customer

See how simple it is to build long-term relationships by engaging customers with personalized experiences at every step of their journey from awareness to purchase to advocacy. 


Tame the complexity of B2B commerce

Take some pressure off meeting ever-expanding internal and external expectations – with this 5-stage resource guide that covers everything you need to know to develop a comprehensive e-commerce strategy.

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Procurement is moving from here to where?

Oxford surveyed procurement executives and practitioners around the world. Results show conclusively that the function is fast becoming more strategic, more automated, more collaborative. Here’s why and how.

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AAA adds more joy to summer road trips

How does AAA personalize trip planning and travel reservations for their 54 million members? And how do they simplify the provision of roadside assistance? By relying on predictive analytics. 

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SAP S/4HANA Rethinking Five Steps

Bluetooth opens car doors, smartphones replace cameras, retailers sell product warranties –SAP S/4HANA prepares customers for the world of tomorrow.

What is New in SAP HANA SPS10?

SAP HANA SPS10 delivers enhanced capabilities to accelerate, innovate, and simplify your business. 

The Road to the Stanley Cup with SAP Match-Up Analysis

As the Stanley Cup sat on stage during Bill McDermott’s keynote address at SAPPHIRE NOW, the SAP CEO reminded attendees that if we simplify everything, we can do anything. 

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