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Real Time Analysis, Awareness, and Prediction Solutions

Boost crime prevention and improve emergency response with real-time analysis, awareness, and prediction

Help your agency interpret and use massive amounts of public safety data to boost crime prevention - with real-time analysis, awareness, and prediction. With our emergency response solution, you can:

  • Increase real-time situational awareness by recognizing and analyzing anomalies and recommending quick protective measures
  • Enable prompt emergency responses and disaster and post-disaster management using mobile devices featuring geo-base services to save lives and reduce property losses

Learn more about our real time analysis, awareness, and prediction solutions

Real Time Analysis, Awareness, and Prediction Solution Capabilities

Explore the capabilities of our real time analysis, awareness, and prediction solutions

Real-Time Data Management

Provide instant, self-service access to decision-ready business intelligence

Empower business users with anytime, anywhere access to key insights delivered in context - with a flexible business intelligence (BI) platform. Get ready to increase responsiveness, reduce IT costs and workload, and drive better decision making across the organization.

In-Memory Platform

Build next-generation applications with one in-memory platform

Deliver modern applications for a digital economy using one in-memory platform that unites an in-memory database with application services, advanced data processing, integration functions, and deployment features. With our platform you can:

  • Create agile applications that deliver real-time results based on fresh transactional data
  • Run existing SAP applications faster with no manual effort
  • Use advanced analytics to gain deep insights that enhance your competitive advantage
Dashboards and Applications

Maximize business performance with high-impact dashboards and d BI applications

Drive business intelligence (BI) adoption across your organization with compelling, insightful dashboards and apps. Create mobile, highly interactive, role-based dashboards that deliver trusted, aggregated numbers to your decision makers - anytime and anywhere.

Data Quality

Empower decision makers with trusted data quality

Manage data quality issues across any domain or source for a single view of trustworthy data. With SAP software available on premise or in the cloud, you can:

  • Shrink response times in business processes and provide accurate and reliable information to decision makers
  • Leverage dashboards and scorecards to monitor data quality and analyze trends
  • Maximize the value of your data by standardizing, validating, enriching, and matching data to your specific business rules and requirements
Data Visualization

Use data to tell stories that captivate audiences through data visualization

Empower business users of all skills to better understand data - so they can turn that data into compelling and engaging stories for specific audiences. With intuitive data visualization solutions from SAP, your business users can quickly and easily:

  • Combine data from multiple sources
  • Visualize data and analyze trends
  • Share infographics and data stories
Hadoop Integration

Gain comprehensive insights by unifying all your data with Hadoop integration

Work with a variety of data types held in a variety of stores through a single, powerful point of access. By combing the processing power of our in-memory platform with Hadoop's ability to store and process huge amounts of data, you can:

  • Wrangle, visualize, and gain insights from Big Data with business intelligence software and cloud and on-premise data visualization tools from SAP
  • Leverage accurate, timely Big Data insights to run your business in real time
  • Use trends seen in Big Data to make predictions that drive real value
Reporting and Analysis

Share actionable, meaningful insights with more effective business intelligence reporting

Lay the foundation for reporting that guides daily actions and the overall business intelligence strategy. Deliver insights that are meaningful and actionable and provide real value to employees, customers, and partners. Produce pixel-perfect reports that are clear, customizable, and easy to understand and act on. Answer new and evolving business questions with ad-hoc interactive reporting on the Web, your desktop, or on a mobile device.

Predictive Data Management

Create analytical data sets automatically - with clicks, not code

Automate data preparation without the need for code with predictive data management. Define a broad set of reusable business components to automatically create the analytical data sets you need for business modeling. With this approach, you can analyze data faster and achieve results with far-less human error than traditional, handcrafted techniques. You can even enable business users with predictive modeling self-services, while guaranteeing accurate results.

Predictive Modeling

Plan for the unexpected and tap hidden opportunities with automated, expert predictive modeling

Create a predictive modeling environment for both business analyst and data scientist with predictive analytics. Automate the building of sophisticated predictive models for every data-mining function imaginable. Models can be built within days - not weeks and months. With predictive analytics expert analysis, data scientists can build powerful predictive models by using "R" algorithms and predictive algorithms native in the in-memory platform from SAP.


Quickly adopt and maintain SAP solutions

Get the support you need to efficiently implement and operate your SAP solutions – and take advantage of new technologies. We offer a range of support services, from foundation level to strategic engagement and co-innovation.

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Get a wealth of information – about everything from installation and upgrades to security, integration, and product availability.


Reimagine the way you do business with SAP Digital Business Services

The digital economy is having a profound impact on SAP customers and requires a new level of orchestration to evolve your business, unleash full business value, and ensure business continuity. SAP Digital Business Services brings business and IT together to help you reimagine your business using our digital business framework.

Based on over 40 years of experience working with the world’s most progressive organizations and a robust partner ecosystem, SAP Digital Business Services can guide you on the path to innovation and digital transformation, while securing critical business processes.


Evolve your business by breaking new ground with a trusted adviser who knows you best

Unleash the full business value of your SAP investment and define a clear digital road map to adoption

Ensure business continuity with active guidance, while migrating to next-generation technology

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