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SAP HANA, express edition Troubleshooting


SAP HANA, express edition Troubleshooting

By JCurrie27

Troubleshoot common installation issues.

How-To Details

Perform these steps to resolve issues when installing SAP HANA, express edition.

Installation fails with error “Cannot load


You are installing SAP HANA, express edition on a Linux server using hdblcm. You receive this error:
Installation of SAP HANA Database failed.
Installation failed.
unhandled exception. Cannot load


You need to downgrade your OpenSSL to version 0.9.8.
libopenssl version 0.9.8 is provided in Legacy Module 12 x86_64 of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 12 SP1.

You need to be registered on the SUSE site before you can download the legacy module. If you haven’t already registered, you will be prompted to register during the download.
1. Go to YaST > Add-on Product.
2. Click the Add button.
3. Under Add-on Product, select Extensions and Modules from Registration Server.
If you haven’t registered already, register to continue.
4. From the Available Extensions and Modules list, select Legacy Module 12 x86_64.
5. Agree to the license terms and accept the remaining installation prompts.
6. Restart your Linux server.
7. Retry your server-only installation.

HDB Daemon not Running


You are installing SAP HANA, express edition on a Linux server using hdblcm. You receive this error:
Cannot start system.
Start instance 00 on host ‘’ failed.
FAIL: process hdbdaemon HDB Daemon not running.


  1. Use zypper to check the util-linux, util-linux-systemd and uuidd packages to make sure they are at these versions:

    zypper info util-linux util-linux-systemd uuidd

    The results need to show that you have at least the following versions installed:
    util-linux: util-linux-2.25-22.1
    uuidd : uuidd-2.25-22
    util-linux-systemd: 2.25-22.1

  2. If you are missing any of the packages, or if the versions are outdated, install them using the zypper install command.

  3. Check that socket activation is enabled and started. In a shell enter:
    systemctl status uuidd.socket
  4. If the status is inactive, start socket activation:
    systemctl start uuidd.socket

Next Steps

Updated 09/18/2016

Time to Complete

20 Min.




  • Setup: You are following the instructions to install the binary version of SAP HANA, express edition in the Installing Binary tutorial.
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