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SAP Canada Management Team

SAP Canada oversees the company’s business operations in Canada.

SAP Canada Management Team

SAP Canada oversees the company’s business operations in Canada.


John Graham

Managing Director, SAP Canada

John Graham is the managing director of SAP Canada, and is responsible for driving growth across SAP’s industry-leading cloud, mobile, and database solutions.

Managing Director, SAP Labs Canada

Kirsten Sutton is the managing director of SAP Labs Canada. In this role, she is responsible for inspiring innovation within the Canadian development organization, managing the SAP Labs facilities across Canada, as well as being the external and internal liaison of SAP Labs Canada.

Arthur Gitajn
Chief Financial Officer, SAP Canada

Arthur Gitajn is the chief financial officer for SAP Canada. He is responsible for orchestrating all financial functions, including business planning and analysis, accounting, controlling, forecasting, risk management, and compliance.


Leagh Turner
Chief Operating Officer, SAP Canada

Leagh Turner is the chief operating officer (COO) for SAP Canada. In this role, she is responsible for SAP Canada’s operations, coordinating the company’s cross functions in the pursuit of unified customer demand strategies, increased pipeline and sales, and, ultimately, happier customers.

Agnes Garaba
Head of Human Resources, SAP Canada

As the head of Human Resources, Agnes Garaba works with the SAP executive leadership teams to drive business execution through best-in-class human capital practices and employee engagement. 

Daniel H. Greenberg
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, SAP Canada

Daniel Greenberg is general counsel and corporate secretary for SAP Canada, a role in which he manages the legal and contracts department supporting all SAP business in the region.


Joseph Mullins
Head of Services, SAP Canada

In his role as head of Services, Joseph Mullins ensures customers fully realize success from their investment in SAP® offerings, while driving go-to-market strategy and overseeing sales and delivery operations for all SAP Canada service lines across the region.

Dany Ortchanian
Head of East Region Sales, SAP Canada

Dany Ortchanian is the head of east region sales for SAP Canada. He works with decision-makers of large Canadian companies across a number of sectors, mapping out their toughest business challenges and finding the best way SAP can increase their productivity and profitability.

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