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Свържете се с нас

Заедно помагаме на света да е по-добро място, с едно действие.

Включете се сега

Категорични спестявания

Закупете сега и спестете 10% за SAP Crystal Reports, дефакто стандартът при бизнес докладите. 

Прочетете какво споделя нашето SAP community


Doing Innovative Business with SAP S/4HANA

Consumer expectations and experience matter more than ever in our digitized world. 

Tweet to Receipt in a New York Minute

Today’s speed of business is approaching a New York minute, and many businesses are ill equipped with traditional, legacy CRM tools.

Beyond CRM: We are Not in Kansas Anymore

Forget everything you knew about sales and marketing. Today, the customer is in the driver’s seat of digital transformation.

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