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Start Using SAP HANA, express edition

By JCurrie27

Once you’ve downloaded the SAP HANA, express edition OVA, start the server, change the default passwords to secure your system, and connect using client tools.

You will learn

How to start the server, change the default passwords to secure your system, and connect using client tools.


Start SAP HANA, express edition

  1. Start the hypervisor and power on (or click Play on) your express edition VM.
  2. At the hxehost login prompt, enter hxeadm
  3. For Password enter the temporary password HXEHana1
    Entering temporary password
  4. When prompted for current (UNIX) password, enter the temporary password again: HXEHana1
  5. When prompted for New password, enter a strong password with at least 8 characters. If your password is not strong enough, the system logs you off and you must log in again.
    Tip: Your strong password should contain numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters. It cannot contain systematic values, like strings in ascending or descending numerical or alphabetical order.
    Strong password example: 5342_E#1_GcbaFd!
    Note: Do not use this password example, since it is public and not secure. This example is for illustrative purposes only and must not be used on your system. Define your own strong password.
  6. When prompted to Retype new password, enter your strong password again.

SAP HANA, express edition is now running.

Test your Server Installation

Verify that all required SAP HANA, express edition services are running properly.
1. From the command prompt, enter:
HDB info
You should see the following services:
hdbdiserver (server plus applications (hxexsa.ova) only)
Multiple /hana/shared/HXE/xs/ services (server plus applications (hxexsa.ova) only)
HDB info command
2. If you don’t see these services, restart the database.
Enter: HDB stop then HDB start
Wait approximately 60 seconds for the system to start and the user prompt to return.

Change the Default Password for SYSTEM User

Changing the default SYSTEM user password can help secure your system.
1. From the command prompt, enter this command:
hdbsql -u SYSTEM -d SystemDB -p HXEHana1
2. Follow the command prompts to update the password.

Record Your VM’s IP Address

Record the IP address of your VM so you can reference it later to connect using SAP HANA client tools.
1. At the command prompt, enter:
2. Locate the IP address, listed under the eth0 interface as inet addr.
In the following example, the IP address is
VM IP address

Test XSC, XSA and Web IDE

If you installed the server plus applications (hxexsa.ova), test your XS installations and change the passwords of all XSA users.
1. Check that the XSEngine is running. From your VM desktop, open a browser and enter:
http://<ip address of VM>:8000
You recorded the IP address in tutorial topic Record Your VM’s IP Address. A success page displays:
XSEngine Success Page
2. Change the passwords of all XSA users:
a. Change the XSA_ADMIN user password. Enter:
hdbsql -u XSA_ADMIN -p HXEHana1 -d SystemDB
Follow the prompts to update the default password.
b. Change the XSA_DEV user password. Enter:
hdbsql -u XSA_DEV -p HXEHana1 -d SystemDB
Follow the prompts to update the default password.
c. Change the XSA_SHINE user password. Enter:
hdbsql -u XSA_SHINE -p HXEHana1 -d SystemDB
Follow the prompts to update the default password.
3. Log in to XSA services:
xs login -u xsa_admin -p <password>
4. Check for a series of entries beginning with https://<ip address of VM>:30030. If you see these entries, XSA installed correctly.
5. Enter:
xs target -s SAP
6. View the list of XSA applications. Enter:
xs apps
7. Check that the application webide shows in the list of XSA applications.
8. Test your Web IDE connection.
On Windows, update the c:\Windows`System32\Drivers\etc\hosts file. On Linux andmacOS, update /etc/hosts to add the IP address. Example: ` hxehost # `<your IP address>
9. Enter the URL for Web IDE in a browser on your laptop. The address is the one that displays in your
xs apps
command output.
Example: https://<hostname>:53075

Configure SAP HANA Studio

Download SAP HANA Studio from the SAP HANA developer edition HANA Tools site to your laptop. Then connect to your SAP HANA, express edition instance.
1. Download Eclipse Neon from
2. Review the installation procedure at Ensure your laptop meets the prerequisites.
3. Follow the installation procedure, but select Eclipse Neon.
4. When directed to the Eclipse packages site, select either Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers or Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.
5. Download to your laptop.
6. Start the Eclipse installer.
7. Select a workspace when prompted. The welcome page displays.
8. Select Help > Install New Software.
9. In the Work with field, type and click Add. The Add Repository dialog box displays.
10. In the Name field, type SAP HANA, express edition.
11. Expand the SAP HANA Tools node.
12. Select SAP HANA Administrator (Developer Edition).
13. Accept the installation wizard prompts. Eclipse restarts.
14. Select Window > Perspective > Open Perspective > Other.
15. Select the SAP HANA Administration Console perspective.
16. Right-click anywhere on the Systems tab and select Add System. The Specify System dialog box displays.
17. Enter:
Host Name: (IP address you recorded in tutorial topic Record Your VM’s IP Address)
Instance Number: 00
18. Ensure you click Multiple container mode and click System database. This is important because the system is configured to run on multi-tenant mode with SystemDB as the default database out-of-the box.
19. Click Next. The Connection Properties dialog box displays.
20. Under Authentication by database user, enter:
User Name: SYSTEM
Password: (Password you specified when you changed the default SYSTEM password)
21. Click Finish. You are connected to HXE(SYSTEM).

Edit the /etc/hosts File

You may need to edit the /etc/hosts file on the VM.
1. Change
sudo echo <ipaddress> $(hostname -f) >> /etc/hosts
sudo sh -c 'echo <Type your IP Address> $(hostname -f) >> /etc/hosts'

Turn on Statistics Server (hxe.ova Server-only Image)

If you downloaded hxe.ova, you can turn on statistics server from the command prompt.
1. Enter:
hdbsql -d SystemDB -u SYSTEM -p <system passwd> “alter system alter configuration( ‘nameserver.ini’,‘SYSTEM’ ) SET ( ‘statisticsserver’,‘active’ ) = ‘true’ with reconfigure”

Next Steps

Updated 09/27/2016

Time to Complete

15 Min.




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