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Drive faster, simpler telecommunication processes

Deliver the experience modern customers expect – with SAP software for the telecommunications industry. Our applications make it easy to service upstream partners and downstream customers, roll out revenue-generating services faster than the competition, and deliver telco offerings that build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Explore SAP solutions and expertise for the telecommunications industry


The industry speaks: The Telecoms transformation

Hear what the industry is saying about the dramatic pace of transformation in Telecommunications.

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The change is happening and it's happening now

94% of Telco executives say the industry transformation is going to significantly impact their business in the next 3 years. 

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SAP enables the Telecoms transformation

Hear from Rick Costanzo, SAP's EVP & GM of Telco Industry and Mobile solutions, about how SAP is working with leading Telcos to enact change.

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Opportunity knocks for telecom providers

Are you prepared to succesfully participate in the fast-emerging $50bn enterprise mobility market?  See what STL Partners have to say.

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Keep the world connected with mobile solutions

See why 75% of telcos are deploying mobile solutions to operate their network, and even more to engage customers in new ways.

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Experience retail without boundaries

Find out how leading retail businesses are overcoming some of the industry’s most difficult challenges with SAP software.

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Opening the customers’ world with mobile services

Faced with fierce competition, Swisscom has designed a strategy to remain a telecommunications industry leader by expanding current products and adding new ones.

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One telco’s churn is another one’s opportunity

See how analytics can help you engage today’s connected customers.

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Explore the hottest topics in telecommunications


Telecommunications Company Unites Global Workforce with SAP Jam

Learn more about how this organisation has implemented SAP Jam to ensure that its employees can collaborate and exchange ideas freely.

Off The Phone:  The Transformation of the Telco Industry

What is the path forward in a time of rapid technological innovation, empowered customers and declining core business revenues?

Take Your Wearables to Work: SAP Augmented Reality Apps are Here

You can officially take your wearables to work with SAP Augmented Reality Solutions.



Transform the business of telecommunications with SAP Service and Support

The pace of change in technology is impacting business in all industries — nowhere more than telecommunications.  As the number of mobile devices continues to increase, it creates an opportunity for growth and innovation like never before.  SAP Service and Support provides industry expertise and support for these solutions to help yield better business outcomes.

Our services include an assessment designed to help you imagine what your business could be and where you want to take it next. We’ll tailor a solution to support your specific business objectives. Whether on premise, cloud, or a hybrid platform, SAP Service and Support can speed the deployment while minimizing business disruption. We’ll help you amplify the benefits with industry-leading enablement tools to help ensure your solution is fully adopted, supported, and utilised.

When you take the power of technology and couple it with true telecom industry insight, you have a winning formula that can help deliver positive business outcomes for your organisation. SAP Service and Support can help you apply this formula to your business. Unlock the power of technology to enhance telecommunications performance.


Develop new business models with innovation management services

Accelerate implementation with SAP’s exclusive best practices and industry experts

Synchronise critical integration and migration of data between on-premise and cloud solutions


SAP Training & Education

Enhance your knowledge of SAP software, develop new skills, and bring more expertise to your company. A full suite of software training and education courses and certifications helps you maximise the power of your SAP solutions.

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