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Boost patient-centricity with SAP for life sciences

Develop, manufacture, and distribute effective new therapies around the world – faster and more efficiently than ever before. SAP solutions for the life sciences industry leverage cutting-edge technology to help pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other companies improve focus on the patient and caregiver – while enhancing global health in new and innovative ways.

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Track and Trace

Watch this short introduction into Supply Chain Integrity solutions for pharma: Pain points and how SAP solutions can help. 

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Sales, Marketing, and Services

Learn how SAP Customer Engagement for Marketing solutions can help Life Sciences companies analyse their various market segments including wholesalers, hospitals, physicians and patients.

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Clinical Data Warehouse

Learn how SAP solutions - including SAP HANA - can help analyse illnesses and treatments with genomic, proteomic, regional and other patient population profiles.

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SAP HANA: Speeding genome analysis

Overcome Big Data challenges in the bioscience industry with SAP HANA. Learn how this advanced technology dramatically speeds genome analysis – for improved drug discovery and medical treatments.

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Run SAP Risk Management for enterprise risks in life sciences

Find out how SAP Risk Management helps manage risks in life sciences organisations from research and regulatory approval through product development, manufacturing, marketing, and delivery.

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Find SAP partners for life sciences companies

Connect with SAP partners in the life sciences industry that are equipped to extend your solution to meet your business needs. Visit the SAP EcoHub marketplace to find the best partner solutions for you. 

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Explore the hottest topics in life sciences


SAP's S/4 HANA Enables Life Science Mergers & Acquisitions

The number and value of M&As in Life Sciences have been skyrocketing. But with the announcement of an M&A the efforts to achieve the return on investments are just starting. Read how S/4 HANA can help drive profitability after M&A.

Wearables: Your New BFF?

It seems as if anything can and might be turned into a wearable. Google Glass is just the beginning.

How Personalisation Will Change Everything About Healthcare

A long time ago, healthcare was highly personalised. Today, we are now in the age of blockbuster and one-fits-all approaches. Read how this might change tomorrow!


Digital "B2B" eCommerce: Opportunity or Necessity for Life Sciences Companies?

Leverage digital strategies to transform business models by improving the customer experience and driving customers to lower-cost transactions. 

Health Wearables - Hype or Revolutionary?

Wearables that support health and wellness like smart watches or contact lenses are considered the next big thing. Listen to the radiocast.

Personalised Medicine: Where Are We Now, What Comes Next?

Science around genomics, proteomics, and personalised medicine are advancing quickly. What are the implications for life sciences companies? Find out by reading the blog!


Life Sciences on the move: improving outcomes and lives

See how mobile technologies are helping patients and consumers in the clinic, in their homes and on the go.

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Mobile is transforming health and wellness

See how mobile technologies are helping patients and consumers in the clinic, in their homes and on the go.

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Run Simple with SAP Service and Support

Make sure your SAP solutions meet your business needs simply and seamlessly – with help from SAP Service and Support. Our 30,000+ consultants have unparalleled product knowledge, technology expertise, and experience across 25 distinct industries.

We’ve recently refined the way we engage with customers, to make it even easier for you to drive transformation and simplify your business. Whether you want to speed up implementation, move to the cloud, customise your solution, optimise IT, or do something completely different – the SAP Service and Support team is here to make it happen.


Develop an innovation road map specific to your business objectives

Use best practices, technology, and accelerators to adopt the right solution approach

Choose a premium engagement to tackle highly complex and risky scenarios


SAP Training & Education

Enhance your knowledge of SAP software, develop new skills, and bring more expertise to your company. A full suite of software training and education courses and certifications helps you maximise the power of your SAP solutions.

Six ways mobile technology is improving quality of care

TEC discusses why mobile is transforming the industry, and provides six examples of how it is improving quality of care

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