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SAP Smart Academy to retool Nigerian youths for 21st century workforce

SAP invests in Africa's youth

Finesse your talent pool

Engage, retain, and motivate top talent with SuccessFactors Perform and Reward. Save 30% until Oct. 31. 


Predict the unpredictable

See how simple it is to predict future opportunities and risks using self-service analytics to turn data from all sources into valid insights and better decisions. Find the self-service analytics application that’s right for you.  

What happens when you merge brains and data?  

The DataGenius Challenge is back. It’s your opportunity to make the world – or your corner of it – a better place by solving a complex problem using analytics from SAP. Rewards for the top 3 entries. 


See what the SAP community is saying


How will we feed 4 Billion Africans?

Simon Carpenter, SAP Africa CTA talks about early outcomes with SAP customers around the world have shown that Precision Farming is set to become the cornerstone of sustainable agriculture.

He who connects wins

Pfungwa Serima, Executive Chairman SAP Africa, taks about how this brave new world of the Networked Economy mobile, cloud, social media and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies are creating connections between people and organisations in more ways than we have ever seen.


Healthcare in Africa

Video Interview: SAP MD Brett Parker discusses healthcare in Africa

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