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SAP University Alliances

SAP University Alliances exposes students to leading SAP technologies and experts through networking and educational activities, social media and partner networking. The program reaches 1 million students worldwide, increasing their access to SAP solutions, careers and opportunities. SAP University Alliances conducts popular innovation sharing events like Innojams and application development programs globally.

University students – create your future of limitless
possibilities with SAP

University Alliance Programs:

SAP University Alliances Learning Center

Access a wealth of study materials, case studies, white papers, courses and other e-learning resources developed in collaboration with leading faculty, students, partners and customers around the world.

Visit the learning center

SAP University Alliances Media Hub

Get engaged with the University Alliances community through the Media Hub. It’s the ”student center” where you can find announcements, news, analysis, webinars, movies, animations and other cool multimedia content.

View the Media Hub

SAP Student Council

Join students of business, computing, engineering and the arts from around the world as they engage with and advise us. Gain access to special activities and opportunities such as competitions and participation at special events.

Connect with the SAP Student Council

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